Monday, November 29, 2010

2nd String

So I happened to catch the rumor mill circulating this little bit of info on Reggie Bush last night right after I posted my E! post.

According to....I don't even know who, according to a few random websites that came up on Google...Reggie Bush, running back for the Saints and former extra on the show - I mean boyfriend - of Kim Kardashian, is now engaged to some chick I have never heard of. Her name is Mayra Veronica, and apparently she's a Latin "singer' from Cuba. However, best I can find is she has released one single that's hit no higher than 9 on charts I've never heard of. Heatseeker songs and Hot Dance Airplay? I mean...what?

Anyway, I will give her credit because (according to her Wiki page), bitch also went on a USO tour and did a calander shoot for the Wounded Warriors project. Hey, if you can use your body to help a dude in Afghanistan, I'm all for it.

However, reading the rest of her Wiki, I've already concluded she wrote this shit herself and outside of the USO shit, I no longer like her. I mean, honestly?:

"Upon her return from the tour, she was described as a "modern day Betty Grable"."
Described by who? Her mom?

Also, bitch did an FHM shoot at some point (hey, according to all the dudes who bounce at Mahiki in London and the actor dude I met and banged with the puppet audience, I modeled for FHM also), and honestly, here's more obvious posts she wrote herself:

"Veronica agreed and after mail requesting her return, she went on to appear on the cover of the FHM exclusive collection book, which included top sex symbols of the decade such as Pamela Anderson, Eva Longoria, and Carmen Electra. She was featured on other covers for FHM, Maxim, Edge, Smooth, and over 100 other national and international covers. Her popularity on such covers made her website at the time one of the top requested websites with more than 4 million hits biweekly."

"The top request website"? In terms of what? Google searches? DOUBTFUL. DOUBT, FUL.

She is putting herself in with the likes of Pam Anderson, Eva Longoria and Carmen Electra. I mean, while Pam may be the most weathered vagina still playing the game, whoever wrote this bit (most likely her publicist) has a point - bitches are famous and hot. This chick!? I have written two paragraphs since I copy and pasted her name from Google and already I've forgotten it. I'm sorry, no.

Also, there's like LOADS of speculation over her age. Most say she's 33, which is a solid nine years older than Reggie (dude likes the cougars), some say she's 28. I mean, honestly, in this day and age, people still have to "speculate" over age? Didn't that shit stop happening in like, the 1940's?

Anyway, she met Bush six months ago after he and Kim split for the 90th time and now they are apparently in love and can't live without each other. I got this quote from Showbiz Spy, though they don't really say who it's coming from. And insider, apparently?

"Although Mayra’s extremely busy promoting her new single If You Wanna Fly and rehearsing for her music video, she cleared her schedule when Reggie came to California."

Oh yeah, I'm sure she's extremely busy. Not too busy to clear the schedule when her meal ticket comes into town, though.

Bitch ain't dumb - she sees Bush as a payday and a step up. It won't happen though. If' I've learned anything, people like the music they like. If you're shit isn't good, your husband's "fame" won't do anything for it.

To me she looks like the cheap ass version of Kim. Kind of like a Kim Kardashian and that ugly chick from High School Musi- ASHLEY TISDALE. Forgot her name for a sec. Looks like those two had a lovechild and this is what came out. Not a fan. And while Kim's a little dead behind the eyes, I definitely think she was a better catch. She was never in it for the money with Reggie, that's a sure bet. This bitch? How do you say "prenup" in Spanish?

Okay, also, after just Googling some pictures, jesus christ. This woman is the biggest cheeseball I have ever fucking seen. She is STRAIGHT out of a Telemundo novella. Also, her body is retarded, I'm sorry. I just never found that size 22 waist and size XXL ass combo attractive. She looks BEAT. Like, I have definitely seen this chick when I've gone uptown to get wings in Harlem. And I think she was serving them. She has Coco's ass and a busted face. Sorry, definitely going Team Kardashian on this one. If you look through her Google pics, bitch is DESPERATE for attention, and she uses her ass in most cases to get it. It's kind of awful.

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