Sunday, November 21, 2010

Battle of the Athletes

I love getting e-mails. They make me feel like people are actually reading the God damn thing, so clearly I'll jump on the chance to answer questions, particularly when they aren't referring to why I am such a huge slut, why I am such a publicity whore, and why I don't look for help from Jesus (seriously got an e-mail yesterday telling me I should find Jesus to help me learn about true intimacy - here's a clue, I know athlete dudes who are SUPER into Jesus, and they bang more than anyone I know, and have dirtier sex than the 4$ hookers on Atlantic Ave. Jesus has nothing to do with banging). So, take it away, Olivia!

"Out of curiosity, what sport has produced the best athletes sexually, do you think?"

FABULOUS question! And while most would assume I'd say soccer, in my experience, lacrosse takes the win, at least for like, technical shit. The best sex I've ever had has been with a laxer. The guy I was most sexually attracted to? Tough call between soccer and lax. Soccer guys have phenom bodies. Even Landon Donovan has a good body, which I guess makes up for other things. Totally fun to stare at and writhe around with (soccer dudes in general, not LD). But in terms of who was the best, lacrosse gets the W. It's totally a hip thing. Lacrosse is all about hips and movement. It just translates well on the field and in the bed/shower/car/elevator/ get the idea.

Keep the questions coming, love answering and interacting with you guys, particularly the ones who aren't totally judgemental dbags! If you have any questions seriously send an e-mail

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