Thursday, November 18, 2010

BroBible Buds

Thanks to the Bro's at BroBible for giving me a nice little blurb and shoutout. Thanks to all the haters who called me skanky, slutty, and a bitch that was "dime a dozen". I appreciate the love.


  1. Coming from a guy, I support this type of exploitation from females! It is entertaining and hell, even educational to get into the mind of a female!
    I will admit that as a man, it is tough to not be biased and negative. We have been conditioned for years that our behavior is acceptable, and when females do it, it is like "how dare you." But I am learning to get over it.
    You girls do get shafted when it comes to this stuff. Tucker Max is rich for it, but when girls do it, they are sluts and whores and what not. Keep it up, it is highly entertaining and hell maybe some guys can learn from it.

  2. I read the blog on funny, cool and nicely written.i threw away all my boxer briefs after i read your story thanks for the advice ;-)
    also i love the fact that you dont wanna just make money by dropping names and texts you got.

  3. you're awesome. Keep breaking down the double standards and giving me boxer advice.

  4. Stoked my closet is filled with boxer shorts! You are the female re-incarnation of Tucker Max I love it