Saturday, November 20, 2010

College Gameday

So posts will be limited because a.) it's Saturday in November which means there are loads of good college football games on, so I'll be indisposed in that sense (particularly with this whole Northwestern in Wrigley field/short endzone thing going on) and b.) It's Saturday, which means I should have a bit of a social life that revolves around people who aren't athletes.

I got another e-mail today (this morning) that I originally wasn't going to respond to, but eh, I don't have to get in the shower for another 30 minutes, so I got time.

They asked me why I feel the need to publicize my private life and admit to being such a "slutbag". Not exactly the "polite" e-mails I requested, but in the spirit of debate and democracy and all that bullshit, I'll answer.

I publicize my private life with anonymity (though my friends and some others know who I am, which I'm cool with) because whether you want to admit it or not, the stories are funny. They're unique and kind of catchy and the sports thing is just kind of the extra. It adds to the stories because in a lot of cases, it's dudes who are decently known on the field. But the whole idea is to make people laugh. Why do people laugh? Because whether they admit it or not, we've all been where I've been. Maybe not with a soccer player or a dude in the NHL, or maybe not an athlete, but we've all had those moments. I've just had a lot of them, and I think admitting that makes women realize it's pretty normal. You're reading about my sex life and judging - totally cool. But at the end of the day, I'm getting laid and enjoying it in one way or another. Are you?

I'm not the only girl who does this shit. I'm not the only girl who fucks around and laughs about sex. And I've done two posts now defending my choices and to be honest, not about it anymore. I am who I am, and if you're going to sit and criticize, that's totally cool. But read the blog and at least get me some hits while you're doing it ;).

Nah, seriously though - the women who are annoyed that I'm having fun and enjoying my life and my body and not getting knocked up or getting an STD like the people scare you into thinking, are annoyed because they're scared to do it. You call me a slut, but I would put my life savings (which at the moment isn't a lot so don't get your hopes up) on the fact that the women who call me a slut on here, would have no problem fucking the guys I've fucked if the guys came a calling. I don't like to throw around the word jealousy, because it implies I have an ego about this shit I've done, which I don't really. But women tend to criticize the things they don't or can't have, that other women do. "Her boots were 650 bucks? Ew they're ugly anyway." Really? I bet if someone gave you those $650 boots for free, you'd rock them with pride. I know the game. Just because I can fuck like a dude, doesn't mean I don't still plot like a woman.

Men who are annoyed? Well, men are a double edged sword. They want to get laid all the time, but then call women who like to have sex sluts and whores. So I just totally ignore the men. If all women stopped being sluts and whores, aka stopped having sex until they were married, guys would be in a lot of trouble. And hand lotion industries would be booming.

So yes, e-mail from the letter "A", I am such a slutbag because it's fun, and because if the boys can do it, I want to do it too. Because the athletes I bang are hot, because the stories that go along with said bangs are more often than not pretty fuckin' funny, and because, welp, I just like to write.

Hope that answers your question that I've already answered twice.

For the rest of you, I hope you have a fabulous College Gameday.

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