Friday, November 26, 2010

Drunken Memories of the New York Isles

Would like to give a shoutout to the four New York Islanders I terrorized on Wednesday night, by the way. I just actually remembered that I sat down at the bar with four main dudes, one of whom I had driven home on Christmas Eve last year, and basically harassed the shit out of them because I was wasted. Thankfully, the dude I had banged was not present. Kyle Okposo was nice though, dude at least introduced himself, then realized I was like eight sheets to the wind and a possible liability, so he cut out quick. But yeah, I was just reminded of this by my buddy Craig and thought I should give a little shout out to the Isles for being 0-14 in their last 14 fucking games and still managing to be ballsy enough to be mildly unfriendly to a chick who was nice enough to drive your drunk ass home on Christmas last year. You know what? If there was a little more humility and friendly banter, I might consider driving my ass to the Coliseum, paying 11 dollars for a ticket and being fan # 6,001 present in the arena for your more than likely 15th straight loss. But since you had to be such snooty bastards, I think I'll pass and watch a rerun of The Walking Dead instead. Go Canucks.


  1. Maybe hes just rattled thats hes been injured...

  2. fuckin islanders taking tavares and giving him no one to play with, should have traded the pick to the leafs. go leafs go!

  3. Jack Capuano hasn't exactly stood up and taken charge yet either. There's no leadership on that team. Sim is a joke. Last year they had a lot of hope with Amac and the youngin's making a come up, but they haven't capitalized on the talent they have. Too many injuries, no leadership, I wouldn't be surprised if the Isles got shipped to KC very soon. Which is sad, because it means I have to hit on Rangers.