Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Duke Fuck List Gets Victimized

Law & Order: SVU was a staple in my apartment junior and senior year of college. My roommate Tracy was borderline obsessed with it. She had a sweatshirt. All hail Elliot Stabler.

SVU has a habit of playing "real life" cases out in the show. They did one that was very similar to the Duke Rape case, and they did one about the dude who raped his daughter in Austria. Now, Karen Owen gets the Elliot and Olivia treatment.

Apparently, in the newest episode, a woman creates a PowerPoint presentation called the "Lay List" about dudes she's fucked in her office. When it hits the big time and goes viral, as Karen Owen's did, she ends up dead, and Elliot busts out his thinning hair and hottie stare to solve the case. IT WAS THE TENNIS PLAYER, I KNOW IT. Duke Tennis is some serious fucking business.

Dude, you know you've hit it big when you storm onto SVU. People call Karen Own a slut and a whore, but you know what? ELLIOT STABLER ISN'T TALKING ABOUT THEM. Tucker Max, you wish your books were the subject of Olivia's eyebrow raises.

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  1. as a big time svu fan I could not think of anything worse than having an episode based on my life. That sounds terrifying. to each their own though