Thursday, November 18, 2010

A Friendly Game of Kill the Spaniards

I love soccer. More importantly, I love the dudes who play soccer. As much as I love baseball and the Yankees, I'm no fool and it's safe to say soccer has the best looking range of dudes of any sport. Not even a question. Sure like 50% of them have some serious gay face, but can't fault a sport that emphasizes personal grooming!

Anyway, there were loads of friendlies around the world today, mainly because FIFA needs to make cash. How much you think they made on the Argentina/Brazil game, in SAUDI ARABIA? Random, no?

The US's makeshift team of children actually did better than their older counterparts probably would have done, beating South Africa 1-0. None of the main players could make the game since a.) it was in South Africa and b.) some of the players on Euro teams (and the MLS actually) had big games this week and weren't about kicking it in SA to probably lose to a team that wouldn't have made the WC had they not hosted. You know it would have happened, seriously. When was the last time the US team even won a game? May? I think they beat Turkey in their friendly before the World Cup in May, in Philly. I was actually at that game, but I left early to go to TGIFridays. I'm classy.

Anyway, Portugal and Christiano Ronaldo handed World Cup winner Spain their worst loss since 1963 at 4-0. Actually, Ronaldo didn't do a whole hell of a lot out there other than rock his mohawk and curse a lot in Portuguese. But his team did a good job of telling Spain to take their World Cup trophy and shove it up their asses.

Argentina and Mr. Messi handed Brazil a loss. France beat a still reeling-in-shame-from-the-WC England, though fair point, most of England's players were inured and or not there.

I'd just like to pause for a minute and talk about Spain's goalie Iker Casillas - sure, tonight he sucked behind a team of defenseless idiots, but good GOD he looked hot doing it! How many guys can you say look hot giving up the worst loss in their country's history since 1963? I don't really do guys who don't speak English as a first language, but I'd buy Rosetta Stone to learn how to say "wanna tend my goal?" to this guy in his native language.

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