Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A Homemade Playboy Magazine

Had an e-mail from Heather asking how I "create" my sext text picture spreads. Kind of love it.

If your life depended on locating me in the world, the last place you'd find me is in a gym. I'll start you off with that. You'd be more likely to find me in a hospital or on Who Wants to be a Millionaire, seriously. Fucking HATE the gym. But I love pilates. Why? Because when it comes to sext texting, I'm dealing mostly with dudes who's bodies are their livelihoods. I have to do everything to match tit for tat. And while dudes' pictures are always way lamer than girls', there's still something to be said about the bodies.

To be honest, I've never had a problem with my body. I gained 5 lbs when I switched birth control pills, but some of it was in my boobs (I'd be like a negative 32-A if I weren't on the pill, it's tragic), so other than that, like I said, weighing it at a solid 108lbs isn't exactly anything to be ashamed of.

However, the small boob thing eats at me sometimes, so pictures can be tricky. Biggest trick? Lighting. Both my mirrors are next to windows (all my pictures are taken via reflection). Natural lighting works wonders on a.) highlighting my stomach and b.) shadowing my boobs to make them look bigger. I'm a creature of habit and the poses are generally all the same. Headless and stomach/boobs. On my knees, in front of a mirror, holding my breath and making the most solid muscle I can. I try to change it up sometimes, pushing up against the wall in my bathroom, and laying on my bed for a solid above the body boob shot. Great trick to make your boobs look bigger while you're on your back? Lay your arm against your ribs right under your chest. POOF. Boobs.

I know, this might be my most pathetic post. But c'mon ladies, there's a bit of an ego boost in nailing a hot pic. There are times I hit pics that I wish I could show to my MOM I'm so proud of how they come out. And I've never once had a complaint. You don't have to "look like a Victoria Secret model" (and clearly I don't) to nail a shot that makes a dude wish he was present in the bathroom mirror. It's all about knowing how your body falls in certain position, what makes it lean, what highlights the good parts and what hides the bad parts. Practice makes perfect. Just remember, that's what the delete button is for.

Panty choice is always a key too. I always (uh, like 99% of the time) keep panties on. Leaves something to the imagination. And again, I've never gotten complaints. I always say that real thing is reserved for in person encounters only. Hey, gotta keep something to look forward to. But yeah, I have some solid panty selections so dudes know what they're getting when I travel half way across the world to see 'em.

Also, the whole sexting thing is a very personal thing. I can't guarantee your dude is the only dude seeing the pics. My situation is a little bit easier. There's a risk on his side, one that's greater than mine most of the time. If my pics get "released", people would be like, who the fuck is this? My dude's pics get released, ehhh there might be some issues. So I have a bit of privacy security. Not everyone has that, and that's the risk you take. I'm not running for Miss USA anytime soon, so considering I've already put my sex life in the spotlight, I'm cool with this shit being known. Make sure you trust the dude you're sending to - or that you have some serious collateral in case that shit gets out. Like, Grady Sizemore collateral.

Happy snapping bitches.

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