Sunday, November 21, 2010

Hottie Roster of the Week

Time to focus on the dudes who I would gladly make a call up to bang.

First up, James Wisniewski (wihz-NOO-skee, thanks James is a defenseman for the Isles, and was drafted from free agency over the summer. Considering the fact that the Isles are having a pretty rough season thus far, dropping all 11 of their last 11 games, firing coach Scott Gordon and basically succumbing to the fact that Long Island really hasn't been much of a hockey town since the early 1980's, I thought throwing a shoutout for at least having a decent looking player might brighten their day!

Drew Butera is a catcher for the Minnesota Twins. He's kind of adorable. He had a less than fabulous year batting .197 in 142 ABs, but he's also playing behind Mauer, so you gotta give him credit for dealing with that shadow. Also, I found a great pic of him dressed up as Ace and Gary in the locker room, so automatically he seems like a dude with a great personality.

Conor Casey. God I have such a "what could have been" crush on him. I met him a while ago through a friend and I think I even took a picture with him, but never tried to get anything going. He had a couple good runs with the US team but was shut out from the World Cup consideration, meanwhile right now he's helping lead his MLS team (The Rapids) to a possible MLS Cup win. He basically looks like Channing Tatum, that dude from Step up and Dear John, but with more tats and the ability to score goals. Fucking gorgeous. Plus, how hot is his name?

John Isner. Okay, honestly, this should probably be more geared toward Dudes Who Look Better in Uniform, but since theoretically tennis doesn't have a uniform, John Isner can make the cut, only if he is wearing his hat. I don't follow tennis, to me it's kind of boring, but apparently this guy had a seriously long ass game in the US Open last summer and did some damage. I have no idea, I really don't follow tennis, but yeah, I'd probably bang him if he promised to keep his hat on the WHOLE, TIME.

Reed Doughty. This one is for my girl, the Queen E, a diehard Skinnies fan. I don't do football, dudes are just too damn big and the season is too damn cold, but I'd go watch a Skins game if it meant keeping warm with this dude after. He's a safety, and while I could copy his stats from his roster page, I don't know what they really mean since I have no idea about the intricacies of football, so yeah, let's just go with he's in the NFL, he's a safety, and he's entirely bangable. Touchdown!

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