Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Jersey Chasing - You're Doing It Right

Clearly Miranda Kerr will always be my main "I would do/fuck/say/sell anything to be her" idol. I just find her to be awesome in every way shape and form, PLUS she has an Australian accent, which makes her even cooler. However, if I had to pick an alternate, Carrie Underwood might take the title. Yes, Carrie underwood would definitely get the "A" on her jersey.

Normally I'm a jealous bitch and I don't like saying nice things about women who aren't Victoria Secret models. However, I adore Carrie Underwood. Would I want to be her friend? I'm still on the fence about that one, because she seems like one of those sorority bitches that knows they are hot (I dropped out of my sorority after a semester, they hate me). But as a person I can judge and view from afar, she's got the goods. She is gorgeous, even for a blonde, great body, great talent, I like that she actually graduated college instead of just moneying up and being a redneck with a lot of money and no degree. She's not a paparazzi stalker like Lohan, and she actually is talented beyond belief. Love her music. I once got drunk and sang "Cowboy Casanova" in a bar in the city. Clearly I butchered it, but GOD it was fun.

And then of course, there's the husband.

Carrie Underwood is the epitome of what a good Jersey Chaser should be:

1.) She has her own money
2.) She is just as, if not more, successful than the jersey she chased.
3.) That jersey she married was NOT Jessiaca Simpson's sloppy seconds, Tony Romo.
4.) As stated above, she learned and progressed throughout her jersey chasing.
5.) The dude is hot, he's not just a jock, and from what I've heard from other players, a good guy.
6.) She secured the rock. After only a year. None of this long term girlfriend shit, none of this "he's totally not sure so he's gonna string her along for 4 years while banging groupies" annoyance. Nope. She went in, and sealed the deal.

I mean, she should write a how to book on that shit. It's beyond impressive. So if Miranda Kerr ever decides to call it quits with Victoria Secret (some say she will after the baby but seeing as she's like 8 months pregnant and I think still skinnier than I am, I seriously doubt her body will have those kinds of issues that can't be photoshopped away), Carrie Underwood would definitely be the next poster I hung above my treadmill for inspirtation. Minus the blonde, I might take that picture and color her hair brown. Just sayin'....

Also, here's Carrie owning her Jersey Chaser title at the CMA awards this month and mocking those who failed to do it as well as she did. Or rather, those dudes who couldn't get their shit together to figure out how to be a jersey worth chasing.

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  1. "She is gorgeous, even for a blonde..."

    lol love it

    Carrie Underwood did quite well for herself.