Thursday, November 18, 2010

A little bit of thanks

So I'll get back to the personal blogs and callous bitchiness over sports later tonight, but I wanted to take a second and seriously send a big thanks out to AG and B for getting me up on Brobible, as well as talking me off a serious cliff. I got a little panicked when the comments started pouring in and calling me a slut, but B assured me this was a good thing and he was right. And, fuck you, just because I've had better, hotter sex than you doesn't make me a slut, it makes me awesome.

Brobible is an awesome blog and I am ridiculously lucky to have had them do me a huge favor and accommodate the shit out of my paranoia. Sure, there will be some backlash and some bitch ass comments, but I feel like I got to be myself and tell a funny story. You may say I'm a dime a dozen, but truth be told, I'm pretty unique, as are these stories. So fuck you all, I'm going viral.

Again, a big thanks to for being insanely awesome and helping me create a piece I was insanely happy with. I promise, I'll throw back the boxer and barclays stories in a little while, they just had to be taken down for uh, technical purposes.

Lots of love.



  1. Read the story, you're an excellent writer. Already a fan. Be prepared for the road that lies ahead. Slut, bitch, whore will all probably be common terms from those with ten word vocabularies. But I'm sure you already knew that :)


  2. My friend posted your blog on Bro Bible on Facebook today, I read it on my lunch break (ironically, I work for a minor league baseball team). I'm pretty sure it was the best thing I've read in years!

    It makes me ridiculously happy to know there are other chicks out there who just don't give an F. I was even more giddy when I came here and saw your hottie list featuring Lincecum! Keep up the great work, please!

  3. Us guys are probably just as, if not more fragile than girls. Girls have a lifetime to develop a certain toughness about all the things they are critiqued about. Guys simply don't face the same pressures in society. The one thing that can make or break a man in my opinion is sex and that sex organ. We have all our eggs in one basket when it comes to our sex and penis. I say this because girls can have butt, or breasts, and a lot of other things that they are judged for on the daily basis. We guys are a bit more of a secret.

    Anyways, what I am trying to say is that I think guys can't stand the thought of girls critiquing them in the manner you and duke girl do. In our society we put so much emphasis on sex and penis size. When girls like you let the cat out of the bag, guys can't handle it and resort to calling you a whore/bitch/cunt. These guys who have an issue with what you are doing are either self conscience, or like you said, jealous about their shitty sex lives. They want you to stay in your place as a girl and not join in on the fun that guys like tucker max have been doing for years. Keep it up!