Sunday, November 14, 2010

The LoveLee New York Fans

A little word about the whole "Cliff Lee's wife doesn't want to go to New York because Yankees fans spit on her", thing...

I dated a minor league baseball player for a long time...that'll eventually get a post on here. And growing up a Yankees fan, the idea of him playing for another team at first was hard. And in my mind, I remember thinking "who wouldn't want to play for the Yankees? Who would want to play for a team that struggles to get half their stadium filled?"

Correct answer? Anyone. It's not about the team or the fans or the legacy of the team. It's about the opportunity to do well, make money, and showcase skills for the next coming round of free agency and contract negotiations.

Cliff Lee's wife, Kristen, has been married to Lee for I'd say almost ten years, based on certain reports. I could be totally wrong on this, but I'd assume she's been with him through the long haul - from Cleveland to Philly to Texas, and I'm sure through his minor league career. She is one of those women who stuck it out for her husband and is now, in many ways, reaping the benefits for being that loyal minor league girlfriend and wife. They have a family together, and her husband is arguably one of the most wanted free agents on the market right now. She has been in the game long enough to know how it works, and to understand that a couple of irate Yankees fans do not represent the whole of New York, and have absolutely nothing to do with the potential success her husband and family could have here.

Yes, a few fans "spit on her" and "spilled beer on her" and said some nasty shit to her. I don't doubt it. I am a die hard Yankees fan, and I've witnessed the assholes who make it personal. But I also once had a Baltimore Orioles fan threaten to rip out my bellybutton ring at Camden Yards while I was walking down the stadium steps just because I had a Jeter jersey on. Shit happens. It's sports and there are people drinking copious amounts of booze. They come in every jersey color, trust me. I'm not proud of them, nor am I one of them. However, I think those who are trying to say that one single incident will totally take New York off the table for Lee, have no understanding of baseball whatsoever. Chances are, she's been through it before Annoying fans, a bad experience, bitchy women trying to fuck her husband because he's the next big thing on the mound. Does it change the ridiculous contract Cashman will probably offer Lee? No. Does it change the fact that the Yankees offer an opportunity to pitch in another World Series in the next year, an opportunity a team like The Nationals probably won't offer? Nope. Does it change the fact that she has a child with a serious disease that could seriously use the extra cash a bigger contract and a better city might provide? Uhhh going with a no there.

I'm not saying she probably wasn't pissed. And she had every right to be. I once had a girl at a hockey game call me a slut for saying hi to the guy I was seeing after a game one night. Bitch was like 15, seriously, and my friend Jock threatened to kick her ass. But what I am saying, is the women who have been involved in this game with their husbands know the drills. They know what's important in the grand scheme of things, and I don't doubt Kristen Lee is any different. You think she gives a fuck if some trashy dude from Queens with an oversized jersey and size 8 shoe spills his beer on her and makes fun of her husband, who happens to be the most prized pitcher in the major at the moment? She's going home to a multimillion dollar house with a talented husband and her family. Sorry spitting asshole from Queens, you lose. If Lee decides to go tot he Sox or stay with Texas, I would put money on the fact that it has to do more with the contract or the desire to stay in one place for a while than it ever would with the New York fans. For as many shitty fans as we have, we have a ton of amazing ones. And baseball wives, like their player husband counterparts, know that it is all part of the job, dealing with the shitty ones and the good ones. 

Don't count New York out. I would be surprised if we didn't see Lee in pinstripes next season. And Kristen cheering right along the dbags that spilled beer on her. Just you watch.

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