Sunday, November 28, 2010

Personal Requests

This one will come back to bite me in the ass because either a.) no one will respond or b.) I'm going to get some rude ass fucking comments and questions, but hey, why not.

I do a lot of chatting about myself and try to pick and choose stories I think are relatively funny. I obviously have loads but my literary agent is being adamant that I hold up on giving them all away until my meeting with a publisher in mid December. I have plenty to keep the blog going though, but just out of curiosity, is there anything you fuckers wanna know or ask about? Any team or sport that interests you, anything you'd like to know about me?

I'm an open book bitches. As long as its not "can I see your pussy" or "will you let me fuck you in the ass" (both e-mails I've gotten from my apparent "fans"), I'll give an honest answer. Let me know. I love a little feedback.

Also - you are more than welcome to ask who the guys I refer to on here are, but that will not be answered, as per usual. Sorry lovies!


  1. Since you've "come out", how about sharing a few more pictures of you? Thanks.

  2. Can definitely do that...look for a post later tonight, I clearly have to go through Facebook and find ones where I'm not a drunken disaster. ;)

  3. Since you've done alot of drunk texting most of which are hilarious. Has any of your texts ended up on the website texts from last night?

  4. I like the posts about the soccer players. Especially those USMNT members.
    The Soccer Hottie ones are always good.