Saturday, November 20, 2010

The Roster

Someone e-mailed me and asked me a.) how many dudes I've slept with in my life and b.) how many were actually athletes. Fabulous question.

Ballpark estimate has be around...24 total. As for athletes? About half.

6 laxers (both college and "pro")
1 hockey player
1 baseball player
2 soccer players (pro)
1 college football player, if you count Ivy League as an actual college football league, which I personally don't, but I'll throw him in for good measure.

Mind you, I was 17 when I started enjoying my life (aka lost my virginity) and I had three major relationships since then that were all at least a year long. So 24 divided by almost major, not math...) like...3 a year? Wow. 3? That's so not even as bad as I thought it was. Jesus. I mean, granted that's on average. I think I had sex with like, 10 guys my freshman year of college and then had a relationship for 3 years. Depressing. ANYWAY, yes, that's the roster. Nothing too impressive ya know :) Thanks for the e-mail!

If you guys have any questions, definitely drop me a line and feel free to ask. As long as you're remotely polite, I'll be quick to answer.

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