Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Set Your DVRS

Tonight is better than Christmas. It's the VICTORIA SECRET FASHION SHOW. While my idol will not be present as she's having a child or something (who does that? seriously) there will be loads of other hot ladies and fabulous panties and costume ideas for Halloween 2011. I will unfortunately be watching the God damn tree lighting at work (men who opt to watch a set of string lights get plugged in over these fuckers in 2 inches of fabric seriously need to tell their wives to fuck off for putting their balls in a mason jar filled with minivans and diapers), but I plan on recording and watching when I get home. There are times I seriously consider getting that operation Ethan Hawkes character gets in the movie GATTACA to stretch my body 2 inches taller so I could try out for their angel contest. What? LIKE YOU WOULDN'T DO IT TOO. Bitch.

Happy VS day!!!

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