Thursday, November 25, 2010


Considering I survived the disaster that was Thanksgiving Eve (Four Loco really should be banned, and I managed to find the only diner in like a twenty mile radius that has a Philly Cheesesteak Cheeseburger at 2 in the morning, among other things), I am going to regroup, eat some turkey and try to locate my keys, cell phone (I sound like Lady Gaga), and enjoy my day off with my fam. Yes, sometimes I have emotions. And no, my family hasn't disowned me (yet).

There will be a couple posts tonight, one I think a lot of my "slut brigade" haters will enjoy if I choose to write it up, so, stop back in after you watch Pokemon go down on 7th Ave and hopefully watch the Jets win so my mom's boyfriend and the rest of my town who ALL SEEM to be Jets fans don't get disappointed.

Happy Thanksgiving and all that shit. love love.


  1. Don't let the haters scare you away. They were reduced to Facebook stalking before you came along and despite what they say, they are eating this ish up. I hope you keep blogging.

  2. Much appreciated, Bethanny. Trust me, at this point I've popped enough Xanax over the last week that nothing stresses me out anymore ;). If I didn't like the haters, I wouldn't be here. I appreciate all views on my shit. Can't please everyone and if you can, you're doing something way wrong.