Thursday, December 2, 2010

2022 - Qatar. Because the Middle East is THE place to be these days.

I mean, in 2022 I'll be 36 and if I'm still chasing soccer players, we might have issues...but seriously? Qatar? So many better options FIFA. I'm not really a fan and GOD KNOWS I've done enough to support soccer over the last two fucking years. My opinion should count for something.

More later...


  1. FUCK FIFA! What a joke...what the hell is a country the size of Conneticut going to do with 8 brand new 80,000+ seat stadiums post-WC?!?! Not a chance I'll make the trip to Qatar for this WC...even if stadiums are air conditioning, still need to hang out and walk to stadiums in 130 degree desert heat. I guess FIFA listens to $$$ only.

  2. I know a lotttt of players who are not happy. And granted they wont be playing in 2022, something tells me it'll resonate.

  3. Well, Grant Wahl and both say that FIFA's corrupt and these choices only confirm it. Seriously, WTF?