Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Baller Alert - AKA Gold Digger Psycho Alert?!

I've gotten a few e-mails about the website "Baller Alert" (will NOT link)...which is basically a website/blog community thing where women go to exchange stories on athletes they've fucked, exchange "trade" secrets of how to get an athlete to pay for shit for you, and how to land a "dumb jock" because it's easier and then you can get knocked up and they have to pay child support.

Okay, where to even begin? Let's start by talking about why my shit is different (way way way different) from this.

Yes, I bang around with a couple athletes. And yeah, more often than not it's just sex or just casual. But never, EVER, have I like, "planned out" how to do it. Not the way these bitches do it. Never once has it been for money, or fame, or to ride on the coattails of dudes who are more talented and have money. I am not an escort. I am not a hooker. I am a 24 year old girl with, as soccer hottie once said, "a really healthy sexual appetite and a fucking fun personality" and I do what I do because to me, it's fun. This is not a business. It's not a lifestyle. It's something I do because I enjoy sex and I think athletes are hot and I like sports. Not because I'm looking to get a new fucking car.

I would never drop the names of these guys. Sure, people guess, and my friends know, and some crazies are obsessed enough with the guys to figure shit out. But like I said in the beginning - you will never hear the names from me, and I will never ever confirm or deny. Why won't I deny? Denying means it narrows shit down, and makes it easier to tell who. I am not using these guy's names for money. A lot of people say I'm doing that - writing the book. But I never went into any of these situations - relationships, hookups, one night stands, looking to make a buck. The idea for the book just came like, last year, and wasn't put into action until maybe August. I thought the stories were funny, that people could relate, and that's why I don't need to give the names. I am not making a buck off these guys - I am making a buck off the shit I've gone through, done, seen, been a part of, laughed at, cried at. I'm making a buck on my own life and my own decisions.

Further, these women who get pissed at guys post pictures of themselves, according to the NY Post article, for wives to find. No. Not okay. NOT, OKAY. I'm sorry, maybe it's because I don't do the married thing, but how fucking low? How would you feel if you found out your husband was cheating on you on a site like this from a whore like that? That's not how it should be done. I said it myself - why won't I tell the wife of the athlete my buddy hooked up with about his cheating ways? It's not my place. I wouldn't even know how to begin doing it, and I am not getting involved. We (she, my friend) got suckered in when he lied. And that's his situation, not hers. His wife doesn't know me. Has no idea who I am, have never met me. I am not going to be the one who lets her know her hubby has fucked another girl. And even if I felt so inclined, I would never do it in such a callous, thoughtless way as these tricks. That's immaturity. If I ever did it, I'd do it because I believed the wife had the right to know. Not because I was pissed at the guy.

Next up, the whole "let's all discuss how we can get this football player to buy me a car" is beyond pathetic. These are women who have no skills, no life goals, no education (you can tell by their ghetto fucking grammar) and no ambition to do anything for themselves. They expect everything to be given to them for spreading their legs, an ability every God damn woman has.

How about this little gem:

"'OFFICIAL Groupie," a rosy cheeked Florida-based beauty, coaches inexperienced groupies on BallerAlert. First in her playbook: Chase after the dumb jock.

"See, the smarter ones are on to your gold digging groupie ass. The smart ones can smell your money-hungry ass a mile away," the vixen posted in a three-part series, "How to Land a Baller."

"You know the ones that can barely speak well in an interview," Official Groupie instructs. "Yes, bitch, him! Write his name down. Google him!

Start to focus on the ones who have criminal records, many baby mommas and plenty of kids, and have 'advisors' (i.e. cousins/homeboys that handle their business/money). They'll be easy to recognize cause they always look 'lost' and 'slow.' He barely makes eye contact. He got a short attention span and easily gets distracted. He gotta think about the words he wanna use before he speaks and still mispronounce the words. He does stupid/dumb s - - - right in front of you. Yeah, him!"

These women are advocating to hook up with retards who knock up a lot of women. Which means they have loads of unprotected sex. A baby ain't all these bitches are getting for Christmas. Jesus Christ.

Look. I hook up with dudes who play sports. I do it for me. I would rather cut off my left hand than ever get pregnant. I don't go out looking for a potential child support provider. I don't go out looking for a dude who gets deals at Rolex. I go out and hang out with guys who are a good fucking time, who I can drink some beers with, shoot the shit with, bang around with and leave the next morning and be on good terms with. The shit these women are doing, it's not jersey chasing. It's fucking gold digging. They have no interest in the athlete. They have an interest in his bank account. They are being told to not give a shit if he's ugly, gross, dumb, never uses condoms (EVEN BETTER!!), because that makes it easier to get the money. These women are no better than prostitutes. They fuck for money, and nothing more. They don't even fuck to enjoy it. Even then I'd give them some credit. They fuck for the money, and that's it. And to me, that's a hooker. Because they are broke ass bitches with no ability to work anywhere but Burger King and they want to be the next Kendra Wilkinson. And instead of putting the effort in - going to school, college, getting a job, etc - they try to take the easy route and just fuck the money.

Sorry bitches, this isn't for me. This website is pretty pathetic, in my opinion. And maybe you guys are saying "pot, meet kettle", but I don't think I've ever come across as a gold digging psychopath. I do what I do because I like to have sex and happen to be attracted to athletes. I've paid my own way to do what I've done, and never asked for anything more than a beer and a laugh in exchange. I am not looking to turn my cootch into an ATM machine. And at the end of the day, it's shit like that that I'm trying to work against. The idea that THAT'S what all jersey chasers are - uneducated hoebags with big asses and big tits plotting to make a guy go bankrupt at the expense of their pussy. That's not me. Never has been, never will be.


  1. Hi Stef,
    Just wanted to say that this posting is completely well stated and I fully back your point of view. I sometimes do the athlete thing, but I only do it for fun. I would NEVER consider doing it the way these women do and I wanted to commend you on speaking up! (Not that you needed it, you don't seem like you have a problem speaking your mind) Keep up the posting girl, you make my work day bearable ;)