Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Close the Fridge

Would like to give a big wave to now-former Maryland football coach, Ralph Friedgen. So, dude won ACC Coach of the Year, helped Maryland to an 8-4 record and its first bowl game since...fuck, since I think I was a freshman? Also, a Maryland player, Danny O'Brien, got ACC Rookie of the Year. Also dude lost 86 pounds, down from 401 lbs! Nope. Not good enough. The Debbie Yow days of "mediocre is great!" are long gone at my alma mater. Gary Williams, aka "the NCAA TOURNAMENT AND THE NIT ARE ALMOST THE SAME THING" coach of the year, better watch his back.

The Fridge - who is a large, large, large man - has headed the Terps for the past decade. I believe one of my besties from maryland even took one of his daughters to prom when they were in high school (love you stoves).

Under the Fridge, my Terps were 74-50. But last year they basically sucked serious balls and were 2-10, and I'm pretty sure one of those wins was to like, Florida International.

Whatever, it's a sad end of an era, considering this year Maryland lax also lost Dave Cottle (though, to most, that wasn't really a loss). So the coaches of my college days are all on the outs. I feel old. Also, kind of dick to fire him 8 days before the Bowl Game. I'm sure he REALLY gives a shit if he wins now.

Here's to hoping Maryland regains some form of former glory and if and when I ever make an appearance at Byrd again, it'll be for a win. Thanks for the many drunken, didn't quite make out of Lot 1 into the stadium but we won anyway memories, Ralph.

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