Thursday, December 9, 2010

Coming full circle

So I come home tonight to a BBM from my college roommate and bestie about a friend of ours from Maryland, who also happened to be a big part of my laxer life in college and a buddy of mine. Would like to give a BIG shout out to my friend Charlie, who happens to be the first laxer I ever hooked up with at Maryland for apparently being caught hooking up with a VICTORIA SECRET MODEL!!! Wiggs was spotted making out with Jessica Stam at a Prada launch party. Wiggy, I'm so proud of you, and I'm so proud that you were the first athlete I ever thought I was going to marry when we met in the Health Center.

In fact, when I started dating my laxer exboyfriend my senior year, one of the first questions he asked me was if I had hooked up with Chuck. I lied and said no, because dude was a bit jealous and I wanted shit to work. He then later found out (I think I told him while I was drunk and getting post bar food at a Fudd Ruckers in Dupont after having gone to Mad Hatter (my favorite bar post 21 in college in DC) and he was at a toga party at his college and he was super pissed) and didn't talk to me for like, three days. I'll give you a couple guesses as to why, it concerns jealousy again.....

You set the whole fucking tone for my Maryland experience with lacrosse players, I couldn't be prouder that you ended up somehow making out with a fucking VS model. It's totally fate. Love ya, you shady fucking dbag.

Here's Chuck and me at my sophomore year lacrosse formal. I know you're jealous of my prom hair. Also, would love to find the shirt I was wearing because it actually looks like I have boobs. Oh, to be 19 again. God, this makes me miss college.

Coming Full Circle


  1. I love the no bullshit way you write. Hilarious!

  2. so that's the guy that "impaled" you...

  3. In a way it's a fucked up compliment to him, non?

  4. Yes, I think most would take it as a compliment. For me, I'd rather be known as perfect size and use as opposed to potentially too large.