Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Cookbook Lady!!

Here's the cookbook lady response! I love her, I want to find her and buy her a beer for being so ridiculous.

And no bitch, I'm not lying about my number. Unlike women like yourself who have to lie about everything to do with sex because they probably live in an uptight psycho Christian community with a head pastor who's closeted gay, I don't feel the need to lie about my life. Kay?

And here's the final part, where my sister comes on to tell the cookbook lady to get a fucking life. She's been sticking up for me since I was born, what can I say...


  1. 5 guys in a day lmao... Hilarious stuff bet he has a mullet :-) I could hear the deliverance banjo song as he drooned on :-) ur sis is awesome- makes me wish I had one and not 3 brothers( thou the hot friends (kinda) make up for it hehe)

  2. I love the guy that said "26? I wouldn't want to sleep with that many people".

    Surrrrrrre buddy. SUUUUURE.

  3. Also, I hope the cookbook lady, who sounds like the mom from the movie "Just Friends" with Ryan Reynolds (someone's popped a few too many valium today), Googled me. And I would love nothing more than for her to contact me. What parent would be proud of a child that did that and then went on to write a book about it? As Tucker Max once said (and maybe this is tooting my own horn before I get published), "if my family has a problem with having a New York Times Number One Best Seller int heir family, then they have their own issues that have nothing to do with me".

    People write about loads of stuff. Sex, drugs, music, bands, diseases, weird bodily functions, medical issues, embarrassing issues, molestation, rape....if people only wrote about fucking midwest recipes and the weather, no one would read. Sorry lady.

  4. Like the one guy said - they're probably all jealous. The cookbook lady especially!

  5. Cookbook lady sounded like a wackadoodle! He should have kept her on air longer for shits and giggles.

    But Colmes was super cool with you! I like that he stuck up for you repeatedly with the crazy callers.
    You should try and go back on his show when your book is published to promote it!

  6. Holy Shit those people are so sexist and ignorant. It's infuriating to listen to! Everyone thinks Tucker Max is a God and the most hilarious guy, but when a woman does something similar (but more tasteful) she's a slut. WHAT THE FUCK. The Bible beating right wing nut jobs and men from the likes of an Arkansas mountain range (think barefoot w/banjos) still think its 1955 and women should be subservant, obedient housewives with no ambition or freedom. I think its fucking awesome that you are setting an even playing field. Men and women are equal, and can act as equals. If you want to do something that is typically reserved for men, that's your fucking business and I applaud you for it. Make no apologies.

    By the way...the guys that called in to that show, probably read your site at 3am in the dark, while their frigid wife sleeps. And to the cookbook lady...I hope you do find this site and link all your friends to it so you can talk shit...the more hits this site gets means we will have a book soon!