Monday, December 13, 2010

Either Or

Got an e-mail from Kim asking if I prefer dating athletes or just hooking up with them.

It depends on the situation, but after all the wonderful, wonderful knowledge I've gained in the last six years about how big of assholes these dudes can be, let me just say that the whole me being single thing isn't always someone else's call. I'm in on that decision too. and there are reasons.

I'm obviously a pisces which means I like being in love and being cheesey and fucking gay. And I am really really good at dealing with the bullshit that comes along with athletes - distance, cheating, trust issues, game stress, diets, whatever the shit is, I have done it and done it well. And I really loved my ex boyfriend more than anything, the laxer. But at this point in my life, I don't know if I'd be so keen chasing a dude around the country, or worse, to another country, on a regular basis. And I definitely am not about jockeying my ass into a position that may or may not result in me getting cheated on.

A lot of my athlete fucks are Friends With Benefits. I like hanging with them, I like being around them, I'll text them randomly and be like "hey did you hear about this fucker", and I like hooking up with them. But the baggage that comes along with them and the shit I've seen them do, makes me not too thrilled about the idea of saying "here, this vagina is yours and yours alone".

Keeping it on a FWB level makes shit way easier and way less stressful. I don't get jealous (honest to God truth), I don't stress if someone doesn't call, and I don't feel bad if I don't call. I have a good time, I get laid, I get a shot to rock some new panties in front of a hot guy, and I get a good story to laugh with after. Right now, I don't need undying love and commitment. I need a dude who is fun to look at and who knows the importance of going down on a bitch (sorry, it's fucking true).

At 24, I'm cool being single. I'd like to not be like, 40 focusing on cunnilingus skills and hot bods, but for right now, I don't need a guy to devote his life to me, and I have no actual desire to be all "let me give up my life so I can come watch some pointless game you probably won't get in off the bench for and then we can talk about it and you'll be too tired to fuck because we've been fucking for two years and it's not that cool anymore" with an athlete. I did that in college, a lot. Right now, I'm still picking and choosing and doing my own shit. A random fuck every now and then with a dude I can then turn on ESPN and see is fine with me.

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