Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Good News for Christmas

Sometimes I'll text soccer hottie random things, particularly when I'm on the train into work. Yesterday it was that I overheard two dudes talking about soccer teams in his league (random for an LIRR convo). So I text him to say whats up, that it made me think of him, and I'd like to see him naked in January. Typical, right? Sure.

Anyway, I get paranoid every now and then because he'll read it and not text back...but then he'll text back at like 5 in the morning because of the time change, and I fall back into ease. Today was one of those days.

Yesterday I had mentioned something about how I hope he wasn't getting engaged over Christmas because we need to fool around some more before he's tied down. Yeah, I know, I'm a fucking creep. Whatever.

His response at 515 this morning my time?

"Dont u worry, I ain't getting engaged over the holidays lol, I'm thinking about your (graphic private bbm stuff, sorry guys ha) too much"

Ugh. Boys are retarded, but at least he's not getting engaged. I have these random fears he will get engaged soon, but then I kind of come to my senses and wonder if this dude really wants to marry a chick he's been banging around on for like, 8 of their 12 months together. I mean, seriously?

And trust me, the fear of him getting engaged isn't because I want to date/marry the dude. Good GOD, no, he and I would probably kill each other. But I enjoy our stupid sex banter and I definitely enjoy our stupid sex that we have and it'd be a terrible loss in the "hot dudes to randomly bang on a rainy day" department.

So yeah, Christmas gift to me- no having to give up the soccer hottie chronicles anytime soon. Woooo.

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