Monday, December 27, 2010

A Good Sex Life - You're Doing It....Kind of Right?

I got an e-mail about Rex Ryan (coach of the New York Jets) and his wife and their alleged foot fetish video and even more alleged online swinger's profile. My response? Gross, but to each their own.

I don't do feet. Which is weird because I'm a Pisces and supposedly feet are supposed to be my thing. I like getting pedicures and all, but I don't do toe sucking or like, foot massages....I just don't do feet. Gross. But while everyone's knocking Ryan and his wife, to be honest...I gotta give them some credit.

My whole blog is about being open sexually and having fun. I do a lot of shady shit, I've done a lot of shady shit, guys I've been with were INTO a lot of shady shit...just because feet aren't my thing, doesn't mean it shouldn't be someone else's.

A lot of people have come up to me about the blog and been kind of in awe about it, particularly dudes who are either married or in long term relationships. Their sex life BLOWS and they can't figure out why their wives or girlfriends are all cold shoulder and I'm talking about my favorite sex positions like they're the weather. Having fun with sex is the point. Sure, the athletes I bang around with might not be my boyfriends (though, some have been). Sure there have been a lot of one night stands and random hook ups and "I'll probably never see you again" bangs. But they've all been fun in some way, even the bad sex ones. Even the worst sex I've had with the worst athlete has been funny in some way - whether it be in the story telling, or shit I've learned from it, or a "how the fuck did that happen" moment over it.

Rex Ryan has fun with sex (or so it seems). And it's with his wife. His wife of 23 years who was his high school sweetheart. He's still finding kinky shit to do with a woman he's been with for a long fucking time. I know couples that have been together three, four years, that have sex like once a week and the dude has to beg for it. And the the guy goes out and cheats with a chick who is "newer" and more of a novelty and more interested in having sex with him than watching a rerun of Will and Grace, or going to bed. Do I necessarily think they should have like, video taped that shit? You all know how I feel about self made porn (I have my own videos out in the world, 2, but they include only myself and that dude ain't sending them out anytime soon if he knows what's good for him as I have some collateral ;). I don't do homemade fuck vids). But whatever, dude's keeping his married life spicey in his own way, his wife seems into it...everyone's ragging on him for being a little weird but fuck you, he probably has a better sex life than most people I know, particularly most married couples.

People shouldn't be embarrassed of what turns them on, gets them going, or makes sex enjoyable, as long as both people are into it and it's not like...cheating. Everyone has a sex freak in them. EVERYONE. If you don't show it, even during sex, that's your own issue. But everyone's into something that isn't missionary.

As for the swinger allegation? Again, to each their own. This might also be their way of keeping shit fresh in their marriage, after 23 years. Changing it up and in a way cheating willingly while the other is present and accounted for. This one definitely isn't for me. I don't do swinging and I don't do multiple partners or exchange programs or shit like that....but some people are okay with it, and if that's the Ryan's gig...I mean, hey. Whatever floats your boat. I would personally rather just be super creative in bed than share my hubby, but again, to each their own.

Kudos to Rex for at least having an interest sex life with his WIFE and not some 22 year old sports "commentator". Jenn Sterger, I'm talking to you.

Also, if you want to see some seriously weird foot fetish shit, Google "feet" in images without safe search on. Shit is weird.

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