Thursday, December 30, 2010


Amanda e-mailed me and I guess coming off the same question from Alan Colmes, she asked me if my goal was to eventually land a guy like A-Rod or Tom Brady.

First, ew on the A-Rod. Sorry, not my type.

Second, there is no goal! People seem to have a really tough time just taking the "I like to have sex" answer I tend to give as fact. I never got involved with athletes hoping to one day land a top player. I got involved with athletes because...I just ended up there and it fit and was fun?

Like I said about that website Baller Alert - this isn't like a business plan for me. I'm not scouting out the biggest up and comers hoping eventually they'll pay off my bills or buy me a car or that I can get knocked up and get a hefty child support check every month. I'm not a bitch, I'm sorry. I don't need a guy to pay for me. When I flew to Europe last year, the only thing that was offered was the train ticket because I might have had to go further, but since it ended up just being where we originally planned, we split everything. And we had a freakin' amazing time. I make my own way in life and the guys I bang along the way don't have to pay for the pleasure of being part of it.

A lot of women (and men for that matter) just seem so repellant to the idea that women can enjoy fucking as much as guys. I don't get it. Why, because I like to have sex, do I automatically have to have a secret agenda? Because it's with athletes? If I just liked to hook up with guys with brown hair or guys who had British accents, would it be any different? Athletes are my MO mainly because they have good bodies, I love sports, they tend to be hot, they have the ability to have a good time and travel and have fun...I mean, seriously? Why is it so hard to believe I just like to have a good time?

So no Amanda, there is no goal other than to have the best time possible with each guy, take something good away from the experience and potentially learn a killer new position or move. My life is not guided by ulterior motives or financial goals. I have a damn good time doing what I've been doing and whatever comes of it - whether I end up marrying a Tom Brady or Derek Jeter, or end up marrying George who works at a hedge fund and likes to go golfing on Saturdays with his boys - will be what it is, and I'm cool with that.

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  1. Its upsetting that you should have to defend your choices regarding your sex life just because you're female. Those assholes are lucky you're even sharing your awesome sexcapades with their horny asses. Own it, girl!