Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Jenn Sterger Convo on Hydrocodone - This Should Be Fun!

My hands are way tingly, I got the gigs, and now I'm going to talk about Jenn Sterger. Awesome.

So the NFL fined Brett Favre $50k for failure to cooperate in their investigation. The Commissioner said that with the evidence provided, they couldn't conclude that any of the NFL's personal conduct policies had been violated by Favre.

So basically, they couldn't definitely say that Favre was just whipping out his dick and sending pictures of it to chicks who didn't want to see it, but they could say that he wasn't all into talking about the situation with Sterger.

Sterger's lawyer is now hyping it up as the football being the "Good Old Boys Club" and that women are inferior in the eyes of the NFL. Blah blah blah blah Jenn Sterger has bad fake tits and a bald spot.

Here's the thing - the pics and voicemails from 2008 allegedly, ended up on Deadspin back in October. Deadspin approached Sterger about doing an interview, but she declined. Deadspin's editor, A.J. Daulerio (who wants nothing to do with my website, by the way, heyo), said that he paid a third party for the shit he posted about Favre and couldn't totally guarantee it was genuine.

Here's my opinion on all this, and I've said it before so I hope I don't bore you. Brett Favre is Brett Favre. He's gone from firecrotch to old man grays, but he isn't a bad looking dude. I don't think he'd "harrass" the this chick if she wasn't showing the remotest of interest. I'm sorry, as someone who has sent at least 200 dirty sext text pics (6 just yesterday when the new VS shipment arrived!), a guy isn't giving up pictures of his junk if there's not someone interested on the other side. I'm sorry. Especially a guy like Brett Favre,with a lot of rep on the line.

Further, if they came from a third party - me thinks she was talking to, if not bragging to, her buddies about Brett Favre showing his old man cock to her. The voicemails are totally him. I don't doubt the pictures are either. But even if not, the voicemails are (he admitted to 'em) and that in and of itself means someone who knows Jenn Sterger got the VM's and posted them. Now, NO ONE knows my voicemail password. Not even my friends. You're telling me someone who isn't her friend just happened to go through her unlocked phone, realize the voice on the voicemails and the dick in the pics was Brett Favre, and sent them to Deadspin? Come on fuckers, you're smarter than that!

Also, this shit surfaced in October of 2010. Allegedly, these voicemails and pics were from 2008, when Favre was on the Jets. So she had these things on her phone for 2 god damn years? And ONLY chose to pursue legal actions AFTER they came out on a gossip website? I bet she was waiting just to make really sure she wasn't to do it. Apparently didn't bother her for 2 years, she wasn't feeling unsafe or victimized during or after the pics and voicemails were sent, but suddenly when she's put in a shitty light, she pursues legal action. God.

It bothers me to no end that Sterger and her lawyer are playing the "poor female cyber raped" victim to the Nth degree. "This is an affront to all women"? No. Fucking around with a married dude and then getting outted later on and trying to pin the whole thing on him so your producers won't FIRE YOU for getting too cozy with the dudes on your job, is an affront to everyone who likes to have sex. Own up, take responsibility, and own what you fucking did. You're not the first bitch Favre has tried to bang other than his wife, you most likely won't be the last. Playing the "victim of sexual assault" card isn't flying with me, at all.

Bitch is pissed she didn't get a payday, and she's more pissed because this makes her look bad to everyone else, including possible future employees. Had Favre been suspended or anything, it would have given her some clout in the argument that she had "done nothing wrong" and was a "victim". But now it makes her look like a moron and leaves a lot of doubt in a lot of television producers and casting directors minds about whether she'd be worth the trouble. Wah wahhh.

Favre shouldn't be sticking his dick into ladies who aren't his wife. But Sterger isn't the right poster child for the "defender's of women in the workplace" pamphlet, either. This chick is oversexualized, makes it very clear she likes to show off her body and be sexy, she has huge fake knockers that she parades around, particularly at work as well, she's done Maxim, she has pics all over the internet of dudes pouring beer down her tits...I mean, power to her, have a good time girl, get laid as much as you like...but don't think that people will take you seriously when you try to act as though you couldn't POSSIBLY have sent reciprocal texts to Brett Favre, of a sexual nature. If you were a nun, sure. Julia Roberts? Okay. Sue Simmons from ABC News? Fine (though Sue probably likes to get a little kinky, let's be real). But Jenn Sterger, big tittied former "model"/possible retired Miller Light Girl? Not buying it. Maybe it makes me anti-feminist, but I think it just makes me smarter than the average dumbass, to be honest.


  1. I swear to God you and I have to be f'n the only people who get this... Bitch wanted to get paid and didn't! and why on earth would anyone take her seriously as a "journalist" when she is just a hooker on the sideline stroll... I say "so long and good riddance"... maybe she can get a gig on Celebrity Rehab with Dr Drew with that skank Rachael Fuckintell!!!!

    p.s. Brad Richards (Dallas Stars hockey) totally needs to be on the Hottie Roster of the Week (and soon)...


  2. thank you for saying this.