Wednesday, December 1, 2010

LD's British Lass Excursion

Okay, so, after Daria sent me a link to a chat board regarding LD and his impending choice to return to Everton on loan or not, I finally went through it and attempted to decipher the British/Irish lingo one dude who claims to be connected to Everton in a big way uses to describe Landon's sitch. I honestly had no fucking idea what the dude was talking about, so I kind of gave up and just went to my own sources. Sorry, I'm a writer not a British Cockney translator.

As far as I can tell, there's no scandal here. My buds at SI, while they aren't up on much of the soccer news, claim they haven't heard anything brewing in the scandal department regarding Larry or his loan to Everton.

I think some people are assuming that because he hasn't said yes immediately, he has concerns that more women like the one last summer will come forward and fuck shit up. I don't agree. LD is shameless on both sides of the pond, that I can attest to. I don't think he is any worse with the Brits than he has been with the Americans. So the fact is, he plays in LA, I'm sure he bangs in LA (and every other major city in the US where both the Galaxy and the US team have major followings - Chicago, Philly, etc). He goes out and uses weak game to pick up ladies and be like "I'm Landon Donovan, for what I lack in hair follicles and height I make up for in money and dramatic goals scored. Let's bang". And there are ladies in LA and Chicago and Philly who will say yes because they fuck anything that has money and a mild form of reputation. So he takes the same risks here he does there, I'd believe. Soccer is more meaningful in Europe, true. LD is more of a well known name there than he is here, no doubt. But in terms of anything super scandalous? Eh, I just don't see it at the moment. Something tells me he tied up a lot of loose ends after the whole "hey LD, you might want to put that marriage reconciliation on hold because I'm knocked up" situation last summer. I think now that he knows he is probably in the clear, he's considering the opportunity.

And that's what it is. A serious opportunity. LD gets shit for being arguably the most well known player from the US, yet he bides his time in the MLS. He's not over in the realm of ultimate soccer representing us. A lot of people hate that about LD. My thoughts? God, there is so much more to hate about LD than that little bit of info. So the fact that he gets to go test the waters and show off a little and then return safely to LA is a good thing, at least for him.

So as for now, unfortunately, there's not more interesting shit to report on our friend Larry. But my friends at the magazine are keeping an ear open for rumors now that I've mentioned it, so if anything does pop up on their radar, I'll clue ya in.


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  1. I would say Tim Howard would be the better known American Soccer player over in Europe seeing as he has 207 appearances in the Premier League (including 45 as Man U's starter) compared to LD's 22.