Wednesday, December 1, 2010

A Little Shoutout...

A little shout out to my buddies Kevin and Dan. Kevin is a regular at my bar and a good guy. I asked him a few weeks ago to check out my blog if he got a chance, prior to it getting popular. "Popular", fuck, you know what I mean. Anyway, when I ask people to do things, more often than not they don't. But Kev did, and he came in tonight and was actually quoting some posts I had done in the last few weeks. It's nice having friends who actually give a shit (and all mine have been super good), but Kev surprised me. He managed to read all about my boobs and weird Miranda Kerr obsession and the shady shit I've done with my body in the last couple years, and he still could look me in the eye tonight, which is big moves. So thanks for being a good dude, Kev. Here's a black and tan on me. xo.

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  1. You are the best, Stef. Thanks for the shoutout.