Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas!

I don't really believe Christ was born on December 25th with Frosty the Snowman, Rudolph the Rednosed Reindeer or Jack Frost present in a blizzard, but I do believe in good will. So here's a big mesh of pictures of hot athletes for you to oggle, and pictures of me to rip on! Best XXXmas ever.

Thanks for making the last two months stellar kiddies. Keep chasing.

Conor Casey....SOOO hot, this is how you do bald, LD.

Heaafy....Heath Pearce.

Jakub Kindl....hottie roster of the week nom

Kyle Korver...Ashton Kutcher is looking for his hair.

Way to rep the CFL David Hyland..

Phil Hughes, I still love you...

Will never let him live this photo down...Carlos Bocanegra, USMNT captain and possible gay model.

Alex Smith. Adorable hottie.

John Isner, Friendship Request still pending...

Cole Hamels...I hate you for being on the Phillies but I love you for being hot.

Just don't speak and we'll be totally cool, David Beckham...

C'mon, he may be balding but it's Tom Brady.

Patrik Berglund!!! So cute.

Berglund again. Doesn't he kind of look like Ryan Gosling!?

John Hester, I'm probably the only fan you have...

Gallinari, for you NBA fans..

It wouldn't be Christmas without Derek Jeter..

Way more manly, CB...Bocanegra.
Christmas gift to me? No restraining order from Nick Schommer this year!

Bad case of gay face, but Robbie Rogers is doable.

Jeff Reynolds, fine, former Terp.

John something...he plays rugby...

Joe Mauer for you Twinkies.

Grady Sizemore and his coffee cup!!!

Jay Dem rockin' the expansion team.

Alzner...he looks confused.

Michael Bradley, incapable of smiling and way hotter when he didn't bic the shit out of his head, but he's Edward Cullen...with less hair....

Sean Lamont nakeddddd.

I love Rick DiPietro...don't care if he's married to a Ford model or that the Islanders suck.

I kind of love Hank Baskett....I do.

And now for some me pictures you guys have been asking for....go ahead, rip away.

Me and my bud, Trav, at a Maryland lacrosse tailgate last year. I was drunk. And he looooves me...
Top ten reasons I never wear my hair back...

Halloween this year...we weren't ready for the picture...

Annnnd this is why I don't dance. But my tits look kinda huge...nice.

Drunk off Four Loko on Thanksgiving Eve, prior to me harrassing the New York Islanders...

Me, junior year of college...

Sigh...should have gone after this...MISSED CONNECTIONS.

Drunk with my best friend and his handful of beers attempting to dance.

My two bests two Halloweens ago...


  1. The coffee mug hahahah and gay face. Just made my Christmas bearable.

  2. Happy Christmas.... Looking forward to getting the book for my kindle ;-)

  3. Thanks for the Mauer Power shout-out!! Love the blog girl.

  4. You are a GIVER, my friend. These pics have made my cold, snowy Boxing Day. Merry, Merry.