Monday, December 6, 2010

A New Era in Yankees Ownership

So clearly I'm super relieved that Jeter and 'Mo are back in pinstripes for a bit. Jeter and the Yanks finally agreed to a 3-year $51 million contract, which averages out between $15 and $18 mil a year. Still the highest paid short stop in the game, but for DJ, not exactly the numbers he's used to.

I see both sides of this issues. Jeter is one of the greatest Yanks of all time. Dude has done MUCH for that team and he has a fist full of World Series rings to prove it.

However, the Boss died months ago, and with him went the whole fucking nostalgic touch that he had toward the Yankees in general. Basically, George was like a crazy girlfriend who you sometimes want to beat the shit out of but hit the wall instead (because real dudes don't hit ladies) and you sometimes want to marry. Like, he was all batshit crazyand at times did some illegal shit and yelled at players, but in the last almost two decades, he put together good teams, including five World Series title teams, and really loved them. Like, those were his fucking babies. That's probably why Hal is all "fuck you" to the team - because his dad loved those guys more than him. I mean, there was love there for the team and the pinstripes that his son just doesn't have, and I can't tell if that's a good thing or not.

Basically, Steinbrenner knew that no other team would offer Jeter more than $15 mil, so they threw down the lowest offer. Do I think it's a fair offer? I mean, it's not like Jeter is in his prime, and it's not like they offered him minimum wage. Do I think the Boss would have offered him more? Yep. Think he would have kept him at his current $18.9 million contract just to appease him and keep things copesetic . Jeter is barely making more than AJ Burnett at the moment, and Burnett sucks balls, I know high school players who could strike fuckers out and hit their spots better than Burnett.

Regardless, the new Boss made it pretty clear he's got no emotional commitment to anything having to do with the Yankees (I feel like he has a case of the Michael bradley's, aka his dad just loves the sport more than he ever loved him) and he views the pinstripes as a marketing campaign only, nothing more. To people like me, that speaks in little regard for a team that basically helped me survive childhood, but I mean. I kinda get it. I just don't know who to go with. My fucking head or my stupid heart.

I go heart. Fuck it, sometimes I just have to be a girl. I still love Jeter. And I'm glad that bad dressing fucker is still going to be tucking his fine ass into the best uniform in sports.

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  1. I always thought the relationship between Mike and Bob Bradley was weird. Hope there's a full post about that soon. xx