Sunday, December 19, 2010

Oh Hey, What's Up Puppet Master?

Thought you guys who follow the blog would get a kick out of the fact that the puppet master psycho actor I hooked up with more than A YEAR AGO (from the Actors or Athletes post) decided to hit my ass up tonight. I assume he's in NY doing a little promoting and looking for something to do - literally.

Not happening. Sorry. Once, it's a funny story. Twice, it's "have you NO ONE ELSE TO FUCK?"

For serious.


  1. Can we get a clue who this guy is??? Seriously, what grown ass man has a home full of dolls.

  2. Jason Segel.

    1) he's from that movie forgetting sarah marshall, where he's obsessed with puppets.
    2) he's obsessed with puppets in real life too- look up that interview with craig ferguson.
    3) he's incredibly tall-like 6'4"
    4) he's jewish
    5) he has the physique of the pillsbury doughboy
    6) he's a smoker. alyson hanigan (his costar on how i met your mother) refuses to kiss him because he smokes.

  3. I think we can pretty much say it's Jason Segel. I have a friend who does extra work and did a day on HIMYM as a Colonial Girl (episode hasn't aired yet). They don't film in front of an audience and actors come in and do two lines and leave. My friend saw him smoking outside 20th Century on one of those studio golf carts. He also texts like in between takes during a scene. Explains why the show feels like its phoning it in with the exception of NPH. Friend says he is as cute and as nice as everyone thinks he is.

    Segel is obsessed with the Muppets and said he cried when he got the movie. I used to think he was cute but dude has a belly know and that sweater from I Love You Man creeps me out. Shame too, he was pretty cute on Freaks and Geeks.

  4. Is it the guy from How I met your mother...Marshall. I hope not he seems like a really cool guy!

  5. Google "dracula" "puppet" "musical" and see what you come up with.