Thursday, December 2, 2010

Oh, shocking, an athlete potentially cheating on his girlfriend? NEVER THOUGHT IT WOULD HAPPEN

So Matt Kemp, centerfielder/right fielder for the LA Dodgers, has been dating Rihanna for a little while now. He is one of the few athletes I think is hotter in a suit than in a uniform, which is weird.

Anyway, they've been dating for a while and now Bossip is speculating that dude might be rounding the bases with other chicks.

Ugh, I mean...I don't know Kemp at all. He was drafted the same year as my ex, but I've never met him personally. He made his debut in 2006 with the Dodgers, but didn't get comfy on the team until about 2008/2009. This season he only batted .249, but overall has a .280 average for his career, which is pretty decent. I mean, he's a decent player, that's all it comes down to. His fielding skills are pretty good, his batting average is decent, his OBP is good. He's solid.

So am I shocked that there's rumors he's banging around on Rihanna? Nah, for multiple reasons.

First off, he's an athlete. I don't think I have to say more as the whole fucking blog is devoted the the wayward lead of an athlete's penis.

Second, he's not as famous as Rihanna. To me, he's way cooler, because I think she has a terrible fucking voice and a forehead that rivals mine, and I don't really get why she's famous. But whatever. Point is, she is way more famous than he is, and that tends to be an issue in those kinds of relationships.

Next, he's not that hot. He probably likes the newfound attention girls have been giving him since he hooked up with her and wants to capitalize a little bit on some of the runoff vagina.

Watch the video for yourself. I'm assuming Bossip is referring to the chick in the striped shirt that kind of grabs his hand on the street. She's nothing great. That shirt is terrible. And she's shorter than me. So I mean, really dude? Do I like Rihanna? No. Most of the time she looks like a fucking cockatoo. But bitch sends AWESOME picture texts, so I'll side with her on this one. She's also not a gold digging jersey chaser like bitch in the "I bought it at Charlotte Rousse" striped shirt probably is, so I'll also give her props for that.

Chickies who sign up for the fucking game better be well aware of all its players.

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  1. I wonder if Tom Brady cheats on Gisele.