Thursday, December 16, 2010

Penalty - (un)necessary roughness.

Alright, so I've already written my post about my favorite things about each of the sports I've fucked around with. Their personalities, the sport itself, their bodies....but there is one thing left out that I think is something a lot of women will appreciate.

A lot of people tend to ask me how the sex is with athletes, what I like about it and what I don't. There have been a lot of instances of down right bad fucking on the part of athletes I've banged. I mean, hi, you saw the "bad sex with an athlete" post. I had an indepth, serious conversation with a laxer I fucked once, WHILE banging. I mean, seriously? Terrible. But one thing that most athletes have had in common on the good end of the fuck spectrum, outside of like three kind of lame ones I've banged, was the fact that the sex was sex you don't really have when you're in a relationship. It was downright rough, dirty fucking.

Yeah, I know. Most girls in public are all "I wouldn't dream of doing that, I'd never let a guy do that to me" when it comes to rough sex. Here's a secret - most girls fucking love it, and will lie through their teeth just to come off pius as Jesus Christ himself. I'm not one of those girls.

I don't lie. Why? Because having sex you don't want to have, to me, is a fucking waste of time. I could be watching reruns of Glee, pigging out on a box of Entemenn's cookies, not slowly "making love" with a dude who's name I barely remember and faking an O at the end. POINTLESS. Athletes usually have that sense of urgency, of one time, make it hot, do anything you want because you'll probably never see them again fucking. And it's AWESOME.

Maybe I'm a fucking weirdo, but seriously, I'd bet a shitton of money on the concept that most women love rough sex. There's no fucking way I'm the only one. Hair pulling, biting, pushing, pinning down, ass slapping...fuck dude, that's what sex should be. And that's what is has been on sooo many occasions with athletes, and I love it.

Soccer, by far and away, takes the fucking cake on hot rough sex. A soccer dude who I had been banging on the semi-reg was a dude I was so sexually attracted to, I was like a cat in heat when I was around him. And that sense of urgency was there when we hung out, because more often than not, outside of one or two occasions, we were there to bang. And when we were in groups or with all our friends, we'd sit next to each other and be texing each other the shit we wanted to do to each other. Lots of leg crossing. And glances that said "i hate you for ruining my underwear already". Ugh, so hot.

I remember visiting him once and he wasn't back from his game I was up in his hotel room, chillin' with his roommate who I was also buds with...and then his roommate left, and I was waiting around, and then he came in. And he was gross - hadn't showered, had been out all day for physicals and then a scrimmage, and I'm pretty sure fucker hadn't even brushed his teeth. He walked in the door, and I stood up and all I could think was "oh my God, if he doesn't fuck me right now I'm going to die."

Dude showered beforehand. He had to. He bear hugged my ass and tackled me to the bed and I nearly vomited from how bad he smelled. Gross. GROSS. But when he came out in just a towel, I almost died. He picked me up, I wrapped my legs around him, he had me pinned up against a wall, there was some serious hair pulling...some pushing and that whole "you can't have me yet but you want me so bad you're going to have to fight for it" was like for an hour we couldn't get close enough to each other, I couldn't get to him fast enough.

The sex was some of the most ridiculous I've ever had in my life. Like, animalistic, rough, shady fucking sex you'd never really want to have with someone you cared about because it could be borderline abusive. But there is something insanely hot about doing whatever your body tells you to do and just going with it, having no shame and knowing everything you're going to do with this dude is what most people want to do but never have the balls to do.

It's also a huge fucking turn on when a guy is pinning you down and you can just tell how bad they want you. These guys get so much ass, sex is kind of blah to them. It's what it is. No novelty whatsoever most of the time. But when you get to that point where it feels like if you don't fuck that person you're seriously going to die on the bed, it's hot. It's needing someone in a really fucked up way. And it's a huge turn on when you can see a guy feel that way. Even if it's only sex. It's not love or commitment or anything like that. It's at that moment, the only thing they want is you and they are seriously rabid to have you. Fuck, like you aren't turned on just thinking about it?

Ugh, and it helped that this dude was bangin'. I mean, his body was rock solid, hot face, hot voice....everything about him screamed "FUCK ME IN THE DIRTIEST WAY YOU CAN IMAGINE". And he is relatively Googleable. People who know soccer know him, and that made it kind of hot in a fucked up, egotistical way too.

That's such a huge turn on about athletes. That they are dirty as fuck, and fuck so god damn dirty. And I think so much of it has to do with the fact that because they get so much ass, and so much of it is hot bitches with no shame, like I said, regular down home sex loses its appeal, its novelty. There are so many taboo things when it comes to sex still - anal, facials, porn moves, random positions, rough sex, hair pulling, ridiculous dirty talking. I think so many women, and loads of dudes even, are afraid to go there, especially with someone they care about or someone who's opinion of them matters. But athletes? God they totally see past it all the time because they can. And while on some level it's just a dick egotistical thing, on another level it gives bitches like me the ability to have the sex that a lot of people want to have, but so many don't have the balls to try. And for that, I love 'em. Those fuckers have given me some of the best, most shameless dirty sex I've ever had. And for a chick like me who actually likes sex, who actually likes the way it feels and shit that a lot of women can't deal with unless they have feelings attached to the dude they are fucking, it makes sex so much more enjoyable, to have no restrictions, no embarrassments, no "what will he think of me" concerns if I say what I want at that moment.

I have no shame admitting I love rough dirty sex. And it's not for everyone. I had a boyfriend once who was seriously against anything that could even be considered remotely shady in the eyes of other people. But with athletes, it's something I've found to be quite prominent and really fucking awesome. They don't judge if you want it, because they want it too and they can have it because of who they are. So it's a win win for girls like me.

The last time I saw this soccer dude, he had me pinned up against a wall, his hand wrapped in my hair, and I'm pretty sure I went home with a bite mark on my cheek and shoulder. And if anyone needed to even guess what I thought about the next few times I had a friendly hang out with my vib, that memory was it. It was sex that I left him that night and the whole drive home, I had this shit eating grin on my face, it was like 6 in the morning, I was staring straight ahead reliving the whole God damn thing over, and over, and over, saying "holy fuck, I can't believe I just did that. How fucking awesome". Ugh. SO, GOOD.

Women can sit there and say they think rough sex, or doggie style, or porn moves are gross and degrading. And if you think that, that's totally fine. To each their own fuck. But honestly, if you haven't tried it, don't knock it. And if you have and didn't like it - find a hotter dude to do with, or find a dude who does it right, because clearly you haven't experienced it in the right way. Go find an athlete and see for yourself - the hottest sex you'll ever have. Guaranteed or your money back.

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  1. When you let go in the bedroom and have fun you feel sexier its an ego boost and the sex is soooo much more fun!! I got frisky in my athletes condo elevator late one night after we had been flirting like mad all night at a party. It led to one of the best sexapades of my life and an amazing story.