Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Two fabulous questions in the e-mail box from Michelle asking me if I have ever/would ever go against my pinstriped blood and bang a Redsox player.

I have fooled around with a dude who played for the Pawtucket Sox, but he's yet to get up to the majors. She asked me about Jacoby Ellsbury, and personally, I don't see the attraction at ALL. AT, ALL. If Dustin Pedroia kept his helmet and jersey on (as well as donned his eye black), I'd probably bang him and ignore the fact that he's bald and short. And Ryan Kalish is definitely bangable. I'd totally go there even if he's two years younger than me.

One thing I learned from dating my ex Yankee dude, is that these guys have no loyalty to the teams they play for. For example, my ex grew up kind of liking the Blue Jays, but not really liking any team at all. Phil Hughes grew up being a die hard Redsox fan and now plays for the Yankees. I mean, I would rather bang a dude who plays professionally IN Boston than bang a dude who supports Boston sports. The two are entirely different (I've banged a dude who was diehard Boston by the way...we actually were talking about the Celtics while we fucked, it was shameless).

So while I haven't quite made it up I-95 to engage in some baseball banging in Boston, I am not completely against the idea.

My second question comes from Ali, and she asked if I'd ever pose for Playboy if they asked, like they did the chick who wrote the Washingtonienne. Correct answer? I don't really know.

First off, I need to get a book going for anyone to give me any kind of credibility to want to see me naked. I'm not so egotistical that I think just because some of these fuckers in uniform wanna see my boobs and vagina, that the rest of the world does too.

While I'm big on showing off my stomach and bullshitting about sex and my boobs and cootch, I don't know if I'm at that point that I'm ready to show everyone. While a lot (and I mean a LOT) of guys have seen this shit and have my pics on their phones, the idea of giving away everything to total strangers makes me kind of sad. I like my body and I like the way guys look at it when I first take off my clothes or send a picture. I feel like if I pose for Playboy, I'm killing the only surprise I got going for myself.

Also, I don't know if I trust the photogs at Playboy to do as good of a job making my tits look better than they really are as I do with my 3.1 megapixel Blackberry camera. I feel like there's magic here you can't duplicate.

Also, if this ever came to fruition, it'd be a strictly boob shot. No vag. I don't do that for the athlete boys (uhh...mostly) and I'm not doing it for strangers.

Would I entertain the idea? Absolutely. It'd be a matter of what they'd want to do, the kind of shoot they'd want to do, and I'd also like a little insight to whatever was written up about me. Hey, I'm a writer at heart. Nudie pics came second

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