Friday, December 3, 2010

Rachel Uchitel Continues to Give Me Reasons to Dislike Her

To me, Rachel Uchitel is the antithesis of Miranda Kerr. I really, really, really dislike Uchitel because, not only has she given jersey chasing an even worse name than it had before, she's desperately trying to not only be something she isn't, but convince people of that.

Fake McEverything has been out and about promoting her stint on Celebrity Rehab. Let me guess, she's on there for LOVE ADDICITION?! God, this woman makes it too fucking easy, seriously. Who PROMOTES being on a VH1 show revolving around z-list celebs who have no choice but to exploit their own addictions to PAY THE FUCKING RENT? Rachel Uchitel, but of course!

CBS News interviewed her (why?) and this is what they came up with:

Rachel Uchitel became a tabloid sensation a year ago as a result of her involvement with Tiger Woods. In her own words, she was “famous for being infamous.” Now, her focus has turned to her addictions, which are chronicled in the VH1 series, “Dr. Drew’s Celebrity Rehab.” The show’s fourth season premieres tomorrow night.

In expectation of the show, Uchitel appeared on “The Early Show” Tuesday to talk about her experience in treatment. Uchitel, “Early Show” co-anchor Erica Hill pointed out, could not discuss Tiger Woods because of a confidentiality agreement.

However, Hill said, because of the Tiger Woods events last year, Uchitel says she is viewed in public as a villain, which forced her into seclusion. Hill asked Uchitel, “Why, then, put yourself out there again? Why come forward again and be in the spotlight?”

Uchitel responded, “Well, you know, I decided that I was not OK with the media creating this cartoon character of who I was. And I had been offered ‘Celebrity Apprentice,’ and then I was offered ‘Celebrity Rehab,’ and at first, there was no way that I wanted to do ‘Celebrity Rehab.’ I didn’t consider myself an addict. I didn’t consider myself an actress. I didn’t consider myself a celebrity. And I just had no interest in doing a show like that. And then, after doing a lot of soul searching, I knew that I needed help. I didn’t know what I needed help for. But I knew that Dr. Drew could help me and I figured the only way to have people be able to look into who I was, and hear things from me, was by doing the show. And if people want to judge me based on who I am when I’ve put myself out there, then I’m totally OK with that. But I wasn’t OK with the media creating somebody for everybody to dislike.

Uchitel was treated for addiction to prescription drugs and love, Hill said, which Uchitel was dismissive of - at first.

Uchitel said, “I was totally against it at first. I was like, love addiction? What is that? That sounds ridiculous. But, you know, I always considered addictions something with a substance - cocaine, meth, heroin. And you know, I finally came to terms when I was spending time in rehab, and with Dr. Drew, to understand that I had a problem. I realized what that label was. And that there was a solution to it. And I realized that that is called love addiction. And what that means for me is I mistake intensity for intimacy. And I missed all the red flags that people have. And I sort of put a bag on somebody’s head and create them into this knight in shining armor that’s going to save me from this hole in my heart that really, I came to learn, was created after the loss of fiancĂ© in the World Trade Center. On top of the fact that I had lost my father years before. So losing two primary male figures in my life really affected me.

Uchitel told Hill she’s “a completely different person” since her 17-day stay in rehab.

She explained, “I want to emphasize that this was by no means a reality show. It was rehab. There was nothing that was staged. It was really difficult to be there. … Afterwards I went into a sober living environment where, again, I wasn’t addicted to alcohol or anything like that, but I wanted to be involved in a place where people were really open and understanding of what was going on.”

She added, “I have been given the opportunity now to look inside, and take a deeper look at what’s going on with me and why I do things, why I make decisions, why I surround myself with certain people. And I’ve completely changed that. So I’m very aware of everything that I’m doing. And I really changed what makes me happy. And how I find happiness.”

Uchitel said she’s in “constant recovery” with the rehab staff from the show.

“I still see them on a weekly basis, and I’m in continual therapy,” she said.

Hill asked, “Can you date while you’re doing something like that?

Uchitel responded, “Yeah, I can date. It’s been, you know, I’m really trying to focus on normalcy in my life. You know, so I’m trying to figure out I can do to motivate me to get out of bed and be happy every day. So, you know, yes, I’m dating. But, it’s, you know, on a much different level than it was before.”

Let's break it down: Famous for being infamous? No - that's Japan circa 1941. She is famous for fucking married dudes who had families. That's not infamy, that's bitch is blind.

She was viewed as a villain which forced her into seclusion. Into seclusion of one of her THREE multimillion dollar homes that TIGER WOODS PAID FOR. That the MARRIED FATHER OF TWO SHE WAS FUCKING, PAID FOR. Yeah, GOD what a terrible situation she was put in (put in, mind you, not that she "got herself into", but that she was "put in").

She wasn't an addict, not an actress, but she knew Dr. Drew could help her. Okay, I thought she was addicted to love? She put that shit out there to The Daily Mail as like, a legitimate condition similar to ALCOHOLISM. Now, she's no longer an addict! She quit that shit cold turkey! Like cigs! Jesus Christ. Dr. Drew could help her? Dr. Drew, who - while he is a legit doctor - made his breakthrough on the show Love Line? Instead of going to a legitimate therapist who makes you sign confidentiality agreements, not RELEASES, you decide to go to Dr. Drew to solve your ills? Awesome, awesome idea.

She didn't want to be a cartoon character, she wants people to judge her for the person she portrays herself to be on a VH1 show. Again, seriously? I'd take the media's portrayal of myself over a VH1 show's portrayal of myself. Bitch is dumb.

Oh, she WAS treated for love addiction. As well as drugs. Something tells me there was more actual "therapy" for the drugs shit and more "bitch, you're a whore" convos for the love shit.

Mentions her dad and fiance dying. I'll give her that one, only because hey, like I said, we all grieve differently. But as someone who lost a dad and isn't "seeking intamacy" in the arms of two, not one, but TWO married dudes, I also say that with a skeptical thought in the back of my mind. Using things like death as an excuse for being a shitty selfish person is wrong in and of itself, but at the same time, it's an excuse no one, myself included, is willing to totally dismiss. So she wins there. Bitch.

"It was by no means a reality show, it was rehab". REHAB doesn't have camera. REHAB has confidentiality agreements with its doctors and patients, NOT release forms. REHAB costs a shit ton of money, they don't PAY FOR YOU TO GET IT. REHAB lasts longer than 2.5 weeks. She is insulting every person who has legitimately put themselves (or been put involuntarily and succeeded) through rehab to better themselves. People in rehab don't go out PROMOTING THE FACT THAT THEY WERE IN REHAB. Jesus fucking Christ, can someone wire this woman's mouth shut already!?

"What motivates her to get out of bed every day". Bitch has more money than she ever deserved. She, to my knowledge, doesn't use ANY of it for good. She refuses to fly in coach (read that on a blog recently) and flaunts her shit around whining about why people don't like her. WAH WAH WAH. This is a woman who has no concept of the reality that people have it far worse than she does. That there are many, many women who lost their fathers who didn't end up in a million dollar apartment in manhattan. That there are many, many women who lost their husbands in 9/11 that have struggled their asses off to pay for their families and their lives. Bitch got lucky - she went through some shit, spread her legs for a billionaire and got paid off. It was opportunity, NOT skill. It was chance, not SURVIVAL. And now she has the balls to walk around acting like a changed woman? If bitch were changed, she wouldn't be on Celebrity Rehab.

Sorry, there's a reason I seriously dislike this swamp creature, and it's because she is constantly thinking with her vagina and not her head. I can not feel sorry for her, even for the shit I would normally feel sorry for her over. She banged a rich married athlete and got a payout and now expects the world to cry for her, and gets snippy when no one sheds a God damn tear. Please. I have better things to cry over. Like the fact that I burnt my turkey bacon. Or the fact that I have to work on a Saturday. Or the fact that my fucking subscription to Sirius XM ran out in my Jeep. This woman's "plight" is not something I would ever shed a teae over, other than a tear of genuine "is this bitch seriously saying this?" laughter.

Further, this little Gem from the Examiner proves her real fucking motivations. Apparently bitch was doing a photo-shoot for "Stepping Out" Magazine t promote her "it's really rehab" Celebrity Rehab show, and got kicked out for being a psychotic demanding "I'm not famous, I'm INFAMOUS" bitch.

According to The Examiner:
"According to the magazine's editor, CHAUNCE HAYDEN, Uchitel first demanded a room at the luxury 'Four Seasons Hotel' in New York, as well as limousine service, and 'an entire showroom' worth of designer clothing. However, the 36-year-old also wanted full control of the photo-shoot and demanded full photo approval, full editorial approval, and the right to look over all questions before they were asked. On the day of the shoot, Uchitel arrived with her manager and entourage looking "haggard and spacey," according to Hayden, who added that she had "big, black circles under her eyes."

The editor went on to reveal that the socialite spent more than two hours in hair and makeup and declined to try on any of the clothes that were provided for her by the magazine. After several hours of refusing to leave her dressing room, Hayden said he asked the socialite to leave, saying, "They were last seen walking down 1st Ave looking lost and confused.""

Yeah, and we're all supposed to be able to "relate" and "pity" this bitch? Believe she is a "totally different person" after "rehab"? Please. A Jersey Chaser I may be, but I am quite happy flying coach, I'm not begging people to like me, and I sure as fuck don't lie to myself and the rest of the world about the reality of what I am.

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  1. Amen. It sickens me that our society makes people like this and their disgusting actions news. She's a whore always was always will be and a royal bitch to boot who is so self entitled it's disgusting. I had the unfortunate experience of attending high school with her and she was an uber bitch then and still is. People know her name for being a home wrecking whore that's awesome way to go. Now she has a daughter who will grow up to read about what a whore her MOMMIE is even her last husband said she was an utter bitch inhumane and had no soul. Yep sure sounds like her. And she's had more plastic surgey then Joan Rivers...but you can't fix being a soulless whore bitch with a knife or how much money you have.
    Frankly she just sucks up good air and tabloid space. Go bury you're head in the sand you're 15 minutes of fame are long over.
    I love whoever wrote ththis article nice job. I know her personally and you nailed her bs right on the head.
    Rachel Uchitel will always be a tacky stuck up rich bitch whore who will do anything for attention. Yeah for her sorry tacky plastic ass.