Sunday, December 5, 2010

Random Question of the Day

Before I go pass out, I forgot I had this one in my e-mail box, and since it's quick and easy (like me, HA HA, fuck I'm so tired), I thought I'd answer.

Dee (Dee, I'm outtie. Sorry, had to) wanted to know what nationality I am.

When people ask me that, usually they like to try to guess. This is how it goes: Italian? Jewish? Spanish? Israeli? Portuguese? Is that the same as Spanish? No. Mexican? Mexican isn't Spanish it's Latina. Egyptian? I give up.

Irish, you fuckers. Irish. Somewhere down the line of my family bang list, there was a Polack that snuck his dick or her vag into my family tree, so I'm a little bit Polish too, which I use as an excuse when I ask stupid questions or walk into shit. But yeah, for all intent and purposes, I'm Irish. My family is all over in Ireland, I go over there a lot, they come here, my mom calls Ireland "home" (even though she was raised in Brooklyn, she has issues, whatever), I wear a claddagh ring and actually like, use it the right way. Yah, I'm Irish. I just got lucky and I'm not an orange haired freckle faced rat that has Bill Compton issues with the sun. "Dark Irish" is the term. Once I thought I was Puerto Rican - long story for another post - but some kid in 5th grade squashed that dream. Sigh.

Anyway, yeah. Irish.

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