Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Since we've been on a cheaters kind of roll the last two days, let's talk about sanctioned cheated. AKA, bitch takes the risk of getting some foul, incurable STD from her husband so that she can buy 13 Hermes bags and fly first class to St. Tropez and get bad fake tits.

To be honest, I don't know any wife that, 100% knows about her husband/boyfriend's cheating and still sticks around. Posh comes up first in my mind, because like, she just looks like the type who wouldn't put as much emphasis on fidelity as she does on designer clothes. So let's start there.
Becks and Posh have been married for ten years, since her career was on the outs and his was just hitting its peak. Now, bitch was the backup singer in the Spice Girls, and probably would have had no career post SG had she not met and married Becks. People call those two the royal family of soccer, but the reality is she was basically like a fucking pig washer in the stockyard that prince Becks fell for. There were far more qualified women in England and around the world at the time for Becks to marry, in term of money, fame, and personal career.

I do not, for one second, doubt that Becks has cheated. And I am in a very weird opinion about the recent slew of cheating allegations, because seriously, it comes down to the married housewife of the crazy man, the Bosnian hooker with more hair in her eyebrows than I have on my head, and the lady who works at the lingerie store. So it's a weird selection of "which one did Becks fuck?" to me. However, like I said in my last post about Becks, there's too many allegations for at least one not to be true.

While I don't know if the cheating has been sanctioned, I think she completely turns a blind eye. I mean, COMPLETELY ignores this shit, doesn't bring it up over anything. I don't know if a prenup was signed between these two. But if one was, and she lets the cheating get to her to a point a divorce is filed, she may still be rich, but I mean, that shit goes down hill. Sadly in this day and age, she is no one without her husband and the pair they make.

I know plenty of girlfriends and wives who turn a blind eye. Like I said, the internet knows everything, If you're married to a famous athlete, or even an up and coming athlete, chances are you've Google searched them. Hell, I Google searched both my ex's before we started dating - one had a lot of press on him, and there were loads of rumors about his at the time girlfriend and their situation. Women snoop, it's what we do best. And for girlfriends and wives to have the ability to dig around, and either not utilize that ability or, worse, ignore it, is fucking bullshit and those women deserve to get cheated on.

Here's the situation - the truth is, guys fucking cheat. And a lot of pro athletes, they fucking cheat! For loads of reasons - opportunity, entitlement, a lack of something at home, boredom, drunkenness, the chase, looks. Whatever it is, so many of them DO cheat. So for women to not cover their asses for fear of losing shit is, to me, pathetic. That's why I said I probably wouldn't date any of the guys I've banged around with if I had the opportunity - I enjoy not being paranoid ALL THE TIME, and that's what I would be. But, there are women who just ignore the rumors and don't think twice about the fact that random people on the internet know about where a birthmark is or a tattoo is, and happen to have claimed to have seen the dude on a weekend he was away. I mean, get a fucking clue ladies.

I find it depressing that women are staying in these situations because of the money or the reputation. I mean, look at John Terry and his wife Toni. Dude was the former captain of England, then got caught fucking around with a French underwear model, who happened to be his teammates girlfriend and his wife's good friend. Dude, Tony Parker clearly took some fucking notes in this situation. Anyway, Toni found out about the affair and then threatened to divorce him, claiming he had humiliated her for ten years and that ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. Yep, bitch is going to take her blond ass somewhere else. You're fucking an underwear model and bitch isn't even Victoria Secret? How low class can you get? She's moving out, moving on, divorcing! THEN, guess what? Bitch goes on a very nice holiday to Dubai for a few days, compliments of her cheating fucker's paycheck, I'm sure, still rocking her ring and then decides to give him "one last chance".

So you've known he's been fucking around on you for ten years, now it's like seriously OUT THERE in the public, dude loses his captaincy of England because of how far he's fallen in popularity (Wayne Rooney, how did you not see that fucking writing on the wall) and you take an all expense paid trip to Dubai and suddenly can forgive him? Come on. Jesus, just SAY you're stickign around because you kind of love him, he's the father of your kids, and the lifestyle makes it possible to ignore the fact that he's BANGING YOUR FRIENDS. Because that's what the truth of it is. It's not that she's calling the shots and giving him "one last chance". You think this dude would be devastated if she ended their marriage? He's already got his dick out the door and in his teammates vagina. Something tells me SHE has far more to lose in this divorce than he does. And so she stays, despite the fact that now she's admitted he's been fucking around on her for ten years, and she won't have to worry about paying her own bills or getting another boyfriend or husband or running out of money.

Here's the underwear model. I mean, bitch is hot, whatever, but still.

To me, this is insanely odd. I like to fuck around, no strings attached, but Jesus if and when some poor soul decides he wants to bang me forever, I'd hope that I'd be the only one he's banging and that I'd never have to give a speech like this. That I'd never have to lie to the public and make it seem like my cheating husband was more concerned about getting caught cheating than I was finding out he was cheating.

It starts early. The girls who date the guys who already have names for themselves, if they are smart they'll Google every now and then. And if they find one piece of evidence that dude has been unfaithful, they need to get out. Because that shit probably won't change. And I know girls who are still in it and holding out for the rock HOPING it will change the cheating, but I'll already skip you fuckers to the last page and read you the ending - IT WON'T CHANGE. Especially if he thinks he's getting away with it while you're dating. Unfortunately I've been partial to being the other chickie in these situations, and while I have felt bad for the girlfriend or two of the dudes I've hung around with, if I know they're boyfriend's cheating and they don't, there's a huge issue right there. Denial. And an unhealthy fixation on something you want to be true. Fucking weird. Top ten reasons why I might actually just stay single and buy a dog for companionship and a new vibrator every year for those lonely cold nights. Cheating blows and it's one part of the athlete thing I wouldn't put up with if I found out.

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  1. Agreed. If these women are smart, they negotiate postnups that pay them for staying for so many additional years above and beyond. I also wonder if they're addicted (for lack of a better term) to the "glamour" of being a famous athlete's wife. And by that, I mean if they enjoy having their pictures taken, appearing in mags/rags, etc. and realize that if they cease to be so-and-so's wife, the public won't care about them as much. I think People magazine as mentioned Elin Nordregen (sp?) once since her divorce became final. My guess is some of these women enjoy the press and notoriety-even if some of it's negative publicity.