Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Some Overtime Love aka I'm a shady bitch

Honestly, since I posted him in the hottie roster of the week, I haven't stopped thinking about banging him. I have developed, in the last 24 hours, a serious fuck crush on Nick Schommer from the Tennessee Titans. So let's learn a little about Nick, since I'm totally fucking wired on soda (what a fucking party animal, I KNOW), and watching a rerun of the Walking Dead.

So let's start with the basic NFL knowledge and stats that I don't feel totally psycho reading about: Dude was drafted in the 7th round of the 2009 NFL draft, 242 overall. He plays safety, and went to North Dakota State University (again, shocking news to me that ND is still a state, let alone has it's own state university). In college he was named an FCS third-team All-American.

Alright, so, long story short, dude was pretty good at football in college and got drafted.

Now let's get down to the "Stef, this is borderline stalker, you-might-get-arrested-or-get-a-restraining-order behavior" information.

Was born January 3rd, 86, which means he is 2 months older than me and a Capricorn. PISCES AND CAPRICORNS GET ALONG GREAT, NICK. I'm just saying...anyway, he was raised in Prescott Wisconsin and grew up a Packers fan. He probably also likes cheese and polka music. No just kidding. Sort of.

I can't find any rumor of a girlfriend or a wife. Can anyone who is good with football/is a jersey chaser in Tennessee clue me in on this shit? Would really be beneficial to know. Come on, there has to be one girl in the world he's banged. Good at sex/ Bad? Just hot to look at? Moaner? Talker? Big peen, small peen, finishes fast, slow? I NEED TO KNOW THESE THINGS.

Tried to Facebook stalk him but didn't get any hits back, but I didn't give it my best effort because I had to leave for work at 12 today and just got home an hour ago. I'll put some serious effort in tomorrow since I'm home. Totally good to know I have a fucking life, right?

Have yet to find a video where dude is actually speaking, but in my head he has a southern accent. Yes, I obviously know he's form Wisconsin, but I read an interview he gave and if they quoted him exactly, dude sounds like he's got some southern shit going on, so I'll just go with it.

Anyway, now that I'm obsessed, dude might want to change his address and like, get an armor plated car. Just kidding. No but seriously, who has a connection here? Come on readers, I know someone out there knows this kid. He isn't the only one who went to NDSU. Or I mean, maybe he was, what's the population in that state, like 8?

Here are some pics and a video of him on pro day looking hot and athletic. Let's find me an in, fuck.


  1. I think he blocks a punt for a safety on the opening drive of San Diego Chargers vs Tennessee Titans October 31, 2010

  2. I'm a Pisces too! No wonder I like your style so much! Guess I'm gonna have to go find a Capricorn man for myself now!

  3. Dude, I totally used to handle the Tennessee Titans bank account. I used to know the owner, Bud Adams, personal assistant...but that was like 5 years ago and I don't have his contact info anymore. His personal assistants name is Adam. I don't know if that helps, but you said you have some FBI/CIA type skills...

  4. Beth Fusco=girlfried. Facebook her!

  5. Beth isn't his girlfriend, but they had been on and off for a couple years. He is hot, but he got cut this year so no more Pro football for him. I have seen him in person a lot, he hangs with the same crowd as me, he is a lot smaller in real life. He is pretty shy, doesn't get around, nice guy, not a man hoe. You should check out some of the other Titans...Like Marc Mariana..He is a little cutie and hooks up with a lot of girls around Nashville. Word on the street is the only Titan that has ever banged those nasty titan cheerleaders(they get no respect and the players laugh at them), and he did like two of them,ha