Wednesday, December 22, 2010

STD's - Wah wahhhh

Seriously, I'm too tired to come up with a better title. I got an e-mail from Corey asking "don't you get nervous that you're going to end up with a wicked STD from one of these guys since they hook up with so many girls?!"

I don't know if she was like, warning me or genuinely asking me...but I'll go with the latter and answer that one for ya, Corey. PS, wicked? Really?

First and foremost, I am VERY, very clean. I am a good girl and I get semi-annual checkups (corresponding to the Victoria Secret sales, obv), and 99% of my life have practiced safe sex. The only time I haven't used a bag was when I was in serious relationships. But yeah, overall, I'm a fan of the Trojan Ultra Thins.

As for whether I'd actually be surprised that most athletes always choose to use a condom. I never have to fight 'em on it. One laxer, once, but he didn't win. In fact, once, I was drunk and I actually requested a non condom sex session (I'm also on the pill, by the way) from an athlete I had banged more than once and he had a mild to moderate panic attack and I could see the internal struggle on his face...then he said he wouldn't do it like that, and so we didn't. Yah, I'm a whore, whatever, I asked. Sometimes it feels so fucking good without one, so sue me.

Anyone can have an STD (I sound like an after school special right now, fuck). Seriously though, anyone can have an STD. Doesn't matter if they've fucked 50 girls or 2, they could potentially have something gross. So while my athletes have banged around a lot, I've always used condoms and I've always, or like, 87% of the time, asked if they were clean and if they've been tested. Might seem embarrassing, but honestly, it's a huge relief when they say "yes". Even if they're lying, at the moment it takes the stress away...and then if you get something you just find them and cut their balls off with metal toed cleats. I mean, what, wouldn't you? Fuck, you poison my vag and I'm supposed to be cool with it? Don't think so.

So no, Corey, I don't really worry about the Herp or the HIV or the Clap because I am as safe as can be and surprisingly, I know the guys I'm banging relatively well. Plus, I ask! I could hook up with a dude from Morgan Stanley tomorrow who was a huge fucking player in his college frat and get the Herp just as easily as I can from an athlete. But, one thing I think comes up - athletes need their health. They need their stamina, and they get check ups as part of their job. So these dudes are a little bit more wary, a little bit more on the ball in my opinion about their bodies and the gross bumpy things on their dicks than say, a dude who hasn't been to the doctor in like 3 years because he "never gets sick".

I don't live my life in fear. Therefore, I play it as safe as possible, and ask questions, and make informed decisions, and have had a lot of good clean fun fucking. And that's made the whole jersey chasing thing way, way, way less dirty.

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