Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Straight from the Jersey's Mouth

It took so long, but I finally got one of my buddies who plays for the MLB (swore I wouldn't give name, team or position. I know, kind of limits the fun but it was the best I could do) to fill this shit out. He's not int he minors, a legit solid player for a legit Major League team so...enjoy.

1. What do you consider a jersey chaser?

Chicks that will basically fuck any guy who has talent in a sport.

2. What's one of the best examples of a jersey chaser you've ever witnessed (other than me ;)):

I knew a girl in college who slept with all but four members of our college's hockey team. And she did it purely for the story.

3. Would you/have you ever hooked up with a jersey chaser?

I'd hook up with you. Just kidding (editor's note: dick totally would). I'm sure I've picked up a girl or two at a game before. I don't know if they were jersey chasers, but they were at the game.

4. What's something a girl can do at a game to get a player's attention?

In the majors, we really don't pay attention to the crowd, too much going on. In the minors, all it took was a girl sitting in the right spot or getting up at the right moment in the game, a low cut shirt and a short skirt. Sad but true. Big boobs will always get a guy's attention. (editor's note: I'm fucked).

5. What is the most typical trait all jersey chasers have?

They all have condoms on them, in their bags.

6. Are you friends with any jersey chasers? (other than me ;))

I know a couple of girls who have fucked a lot of guys on certain teams, but they hang out with the team in general. So yeah, I'd say so. But none of my close girl friends are jersey chasers, no.

7. What's the most shameless thing a jersey chaser has done to get your attention?

Left a note on my car with a picture of her tits and her number in the parking lot of our minor league stadium. No, I didn't call (editor's note: LIAR)

8. What's the most unique situation a jersey chaser has ever put you in?

I don't really get this question. I don't really like being mean to girls, so I guess I've had to tell a couple to fuck off because they've been annoying. If that's what you're asking?

9. Do you think jersey chasers make being an athlete more fun?

For some guys, sure. But I'm hot enough to get girls with or without the uniform. (editor's note: LIES)

10. Would you ever consider dating a girl that could be considered a jersey chaser?

As long as she hadn't slept with guys on the team I was/am currently playing for, and she wasn't known as a huge slut (editor's note: Guess I'm out), and she had no STD's, sure. I bet there are lots of nice girls who are hot for the athletes.

11. Do you find jersey chasers flattering or annoying?

It obviously depends on whether they are attractive or not. if they are ugly and annoying during games, it can be a pain in the ass. If they are hot and kind of subtle about it, then yeah, it's flattering.

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