Wednesday, December 29, 2010

thank God for Hydrocodone

I totally don't do drugs - never even smoked weed, I'm a pussy, I know. But I would totally make out with the doctor who prescribed me hydrocodone today.

So you guys get me sick, tired, achy, on a lame little high because soccer hottie dropped me a line today, and fucked up on prescription meds. GET EXCITED.

So, I mentioned before about being back on the hockey....random story. I added this dude on Facebook MONTHS ago. He was up in the NHl for a while, got hurt, is down in the AHL now for a Canadian team (love the Canadians). He is super hot. Like, insanellllly hot. Kind of gay face (what's with me and the questionables?), but definitely hot. And he has all his teeth!

Anyway, added him a while ago because he was buds with one of my hockey buds. We never spoke. Randomly started chatting on Facebook the other night and have been lamely BBMing each other since. He's a good amount of time away, so if I were to chill I'd have to wait 'til he came down to play Bridgeport (aw, Soundtigers. Love you) or take a weekend and go visit him in the bumblefuck town he lives in. Awful. And since I have a planned trip to Europe already for next month, probably won't happen 'til February. But he's really hot and keeps me occupied while I've been on the train ride home from work this week.

Unfortunately this is how most of my jersey expeditions start out. FACEBOOK. I seriously need to give a shout out to Marc Zuckerberg if and when my book comes out. Dude made this shit possible.

Will keep you posted...

PS- It's NOT Sean Avery, I promise Kat. :)

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