Wednesday, December 8, 2010

This Bitch Again?

So apparently Jenn Sterger, the world's worst NFL anchor and Ashley Tisdale's busted big tittied long lost sister, still hasn't given up on the whole "I'm a real talent" shtick and is still fighting and screaming and bitching about being harrassed by Brett Favre. I think I speak for the collective world when I say "bitch, please".

Apparently her manager, Phil Reese, has told some trashy media outlets that Sterger has "provided extensive evidence that irrefutably proves there was harassment". Apparently, she is also threatening to go public if shit doesn't go her way and the NFL doesn't say "Jenn Sterger is a real talent".

Here's how you know the bitch is lying:

1.) This totally looks like a chick who doesn't want to see a rich famous dude's dick, right? She is totally too classy for that shit, DUH. Dudes don't just randomly find a girl's number and decide to send penis pictures to her, especially if he's going to see her every Sunday. It's not like you left your camera on the table in some bar in Madrid and some dude just took pics of his dick so you could laugh when you later got the film developed - true story btw. What I've learned is sexting is tit for tat. Dudes only give if they receive, and what they tend to give is usually half as good as what they receive. Though I do value all my pictures I've gotten over the last year, very much ;). So bitch is lying. I do not, for one second, believe that Favre basically was like "hey, here's my dick" and she wrote back "I NEVER WANT TO SEE THAT AGAIN" and he was like "HERE, HERE'S MY DICK SHAVED" and she was like "THIS IS HARASSMENT I DON'T WANT TO SEE YOUR DICK" and he was like "FINE, HERE'S MY ASS CRACK". I'm sorry, does Jenn Sterger really look like the type of person to turn down a relatively good looking football players penis? Bitch has her fke tits hanging out on the sidelines every week. I don't think she's doing it to keep the fucking Long Island fans entertained.

2.) Originally, bitch wanted to keep it quiet, according to Favre's team. She didn't want any of the shit to go public, she wanted to handle it in private. AKA, she wanted to get a payout from Favre's camp to keep quiet and at the same time maintain her innocence by not discussing, publicly, what SHE had done to incite said "harassment". So I think she's had enough time to cover up some of the "oh I like your peen, send me more" texts and now can just be like "LOOK, HE WAS HARASSING ME WITH HIS PEEN" and go on Dateline and cry crocodile tears and be the next coming of Rachel Uchitel.

Here's a woman that, like Carrie Prejean, can't fess up to her own doings because she wants to be something she isn't. In Carrie's case, it was a Christian pillar of righteousness so she had some support and backing when she fucked up and said gays weren't equal. Obviously God was all like, hold the fucking phone, didn't anyone ever tell you masturbation is bad in my book, and bitch got outted. Sterger is the same way. Bitch wants to be taken seriously as a correspondent. And if that were true, you wouldn't find pictures like THIS online. Put the bad fake tits away, get a natural looking hair color and stop playing the victim. God, even Kimberly Jones, who I HATE, keeps her tits away from the players and out of the media. Just admit you kind of wanted to be a porn star but got a better gig and cant let go of the porn star look. IT'S THAT SIMPLE.

I don't like Favre, but honestly, he's coming out looking the most normal in all of this, which is fucked up. You have his wife who deals with him cheating on a daily basis saying "it's okay" and saying "Jesus will fix everything", and then you have this bitch trying to convince the world Brett Favre couldn't find another trick to send "wanted" pictures of his dick to, and also that she's a real anchor and not a gutter rat with a bald spot. Throw a Bosnian hooker in there and David Beckham's life seems almost normal, non?

Bitch is looking for a payday anyway she can because she knows she's not going to find another correspondent position after all this shit's gone down. Sports Illustrated won't take her back, thank God, and what the fuck else can she do? She sucks balls and not a lot of people like her. She's like a b-list Miller Light girl. God.


  1. SI's reporting that her camp is pushing the NFL to conclude its investigation before the end of the season because Favre says he's retiring then and if they don't conclude it before then, they can't punish him. This is what, his fifth time to "retire." Besides, he's a grandpa-I think his oldest daughter popped one out a couple of years ago when she hit 19 or something like that.

  2. Ughhh...I absolutely LOATHE Jenn Sterger.
    She is just repugnant on SO many levels.
    I hope Brett Favre and his bald dick sue her for slander.

  3. hate this bitch! love me some Brett Favre... if you got his digits hook me up already! lol

    she wants $$$ and she prob got his dick and then when he didnt want to leave his wife, she got pissed and had someone "give" the pics and VMs to everyone knows we women will save anything that a man sends/gives us (b/c it means something)... if BF was single he would prob have a ton of texts/pics/VMs this skank whore sent to him to show the world too but he isn't and so there isn't...

    I hope the NFL tells her to go fuck herself!!! but not until BF retires (again)