Thursday, December 16, 2010

WAG Decides 45ish Extra Million Dollars Isn't Worth Hurt Feelings

Way back when, I said if Kristen Lee, wife of now Phillies-owned pitcher Cliff Lee, had any sense about how baseball worked, the whole "fans were rude to her" thing would never have any serious effect on where he decided to sign.

Fuck my words, because I seriously had no idea the bitch would encourage her husband to sign a contract that was anywhere between $35 and $50 MILLION DOLLARS LESS because a couple Yankees fans were assholes to her. Yah, apparently she "took it personally" and yeah, it had a pull on where he decided to go. Awesome. AWESOME.

It's baseball, chickie. It's a sport, and the Yanks, for better or for worse, are well invested fans. Were some a little bit too invested? Sure. But to seriously put a group full of fans, out of the hundreds of thousand others in the forefront of a decision that now leaves you a lot less loaded, is kind of retarded. It's sadly, part of the game. And I can guarantee you will have a lot of angry, ANGRY Rangers fans saying some harsh shit next time Lee pitches in that stadium.

I hate half the dudes on Boston. I would probably shout rude shit at them if I were drunk at a game. And I'd probably do it in front of their wives. But if Papelbon suddenly became a Yankee, I'd welcome him with open arms, particularly because our pitching staff is so weak I would welcome Thing from the Adams Family to our team. To take it personally is wrong. Honestly. Do you know how many Yankees fans ripped Johnny Damon apart while he was on the Sox, and then praised the shit out of him when he helped the Yanks win a World Series? I mean, it is what it is man.

Maybe I'm just bias. Maybe I just think it's special to get a chance to put on pinstripes and I think I would see passed a couple of morons from Queens who have a GED and a Dodge Neon saying stupid shit because they were, at the time, jealous that their pitcher, more than likely Burnett, was basically playing slow pitch softball like an 8 year old. I grew up with asshole fans, I grew up taking the idiots with the bad accents and God awful haircuts with a grain of salt. Most Yankees fans aren't like that, and not being able to see past the shitty few to the fact that playing for the Yankees, at the end of the day, IS special, is kind of sad. Not to mention bitch is out like, $45 million dollars. Don't you wish you're husband was rich enough that you could say "those people hurt my feelings, take a $50 million dollar paycut so we don't have to see them anymore"? GOD.


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  1. There is really nothing special about wearing a Yankees uniform. Sports area business. The Yankees are interchangable with every other team in MLB. The players know it - their fans are the ones running a little behind the short-bus.