Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Well gee, Thanks...

Would like to take a sec to send a big thanks to a lot of people. My blog, in the 23 days it's been up and running, has just gotten it's 30,000 hit. For a little blog created by a girl with some self-described funny "fucking" stories and a complete lack of basic knowledge regarding HTML (you have no fucking idea how long it took me to construct this post with multiple links), it's a big achievement.

A big thanks to the dudes over at Brobible, because they really got me kickstarted. They also talked me off a fucking ledge like, seven times.

Lovely thanks to The Frisky for letting someone actually post a link to my blog and not deleting it! You guys have gotten me a lot of random, unexpected traffic.

To Moondog Sports, who were cool enough to link me in their blog roll.

To The Jersey Chaser, a lovely lady with a similar mind and a non-judgmental sense of humor.

To the random blogs like Ada the Ginger, who seems to have gone missing, and this random blog where the dude "insulted" me but was kind enough to link my blog while doing so, aka Kid Strangelove.

To all the shady psychos who somehow got my info and posted it on random tennis, soccer, baseball and hockey forums, thanks for being crazy haters, I love and appreciate you more than you could imagine. Seriously, you guys actually keep my ass in check.

To my literary agent, Doug, who actually got me on the bandwagon for blogging and got me to face up to some shit.

And to all the friendly fuckers who send me e-mails, questions, stories, support, and yeah, even hate mail. Believe it or not, it means so fucking much that anyone would take the time out of their day to read the shit I post on here, let alone respond to it. Whether you're still praying for my soul and hoping I find Jesus (thanks, Nicole), sending me letters of support, hate mail for being such a slut, correcting my bad Wikipedia research, telling me I look retarded, mocking my appearance, telling me your own jersey chasing story or just saying "you're fucking awesome", I appreciate the fact that you little fuckers acknowledge my existence in the blogosphere (I am so fucking lame for using that term, btw). You make doing this so much more fun and worth while. I love my own stories, and I love telling them, but God there's a lot more to it when there are more people listening.

Next Tuesday is a big fucking day for the blog and me, and it would have never happened without you jersey chasers/jersey chaser haters. This whole thing would mean nothing without you guys, so a big thanks to all of you who make it worth me getting up an hour earlier and going to bed an hour later just so I can keep you guys mildly entertained.


  1. Keep up the great work, and don't let the haters get in your way girl!

  2. Don't stress over the haters! You have some amazing stories and an amazing outlook on life. It's refreshing to see a sexy woman who actually tells things the way she sees is and is trying to blow smoke up everyone's ass!!