Sunday, January 16, 2011

Angry Rants

Rarely, RARELY do I call out asshole behavior from dudes I've been involved with, particularly dudes who have been a recent occurrence. And I hate ruining the end of my whole Harvard football saga for you fuckers (though I think you knew where it was going and the last bit will be updated tomorrow). But I'd like to give a big shout out to Harvard football player, who knows who he is. Thanks for the defriend on Facebook - would have done it myself four months ago had you not had to fucking deactive your account because you had some seriously fucked up issues with your ex.

I've fucked a lot of dudes in my life, but it's safe to say the only one - the ONLY ONE - I would take back, is that guy. And I know he reads the blog. And I am never a bitter bitch about shit, but good fucking God, I have dealt with so many asshole pro-athletes in my life (soccer hottie tried to intimidate the fuck out of me the first time we hung out and I called him out for being a dick, then we became buds), but I would take an honest to god asshole who doesn't try to be something better than he is, than a fucking d-bag in hiding who pretends to be a good guy.

Congrats dude, you beat out the fucking guy with the puppets in terms of the only sex I wish I never had. It takes some serious, serious effort to be worse all around than that dude. Remember you said "I'm worried I'm not an asshole like all the other guy's you've dated and been with"? Yah, don't worry too much about that, because you make the fucking guy who cheats on his girlfriend with me, look like Prince fucking Charming.

PS, this is the only picture of myself I could find where I look anything but drunk/happy/laughing, so it's the closest to angry you'll get. And yes, I was dressed like Rainbow Brite.

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