Thursday, January 6, 2011

Bet This Will Last Forever

So I have loads on my mind, particularly about my dating situation, but we'll get to that later. Let's start with some salacious gossip instead.

I don't really follow the Steelers, nor am I a big fan of Ben Roethlisberger (had to Google the spelling there), but I found the fact that he's randomly engaged pretty fucking funny.

Dude is all over the map and known for his wandering hands that don't know what NO means. Last year he was accused to sexually assaulting some young chick, who I think was a hotel worker. There was a rape accusation in there at some point, and this season he was suspended, four games because of violations to the NFL conduct policy (him and Brett Favre are probably having heart to hearts as we speak). So dude doesn't exactly have a fabulous track record with the ladies. And somehow, flying WAY under the radar, dude had a relationship in the last couple of months and managed to get engaged over Christmas. I mean....congrats?

Look, I'm all for looking passed accusations, false ones especially. I've been in that situation where a dude I've dated and loved was once falsely accused of something um...kind of terrible. Keyword - FALSELY. And my mom and sister loved him, and my friends thought he was awesome, and I fucking adored the kid to no end and would defend him and his innocence even to this day despite how big of a dbag I think he is now. So I'm all about overlooking bad reps and lying bullshit rumors. However, Ben doesn't strike me as "good kid who got a bad rap". He strikes me as "dude gets drunk and fondles breasts that aren't his".

Also, while I don't particularly find this dude attractive in the least bit...he's marrying some rando chick who graduated college my year. And not even like, a big college. St. Francis. Which could be one of many? Her name is Ashley Harlan. no info one where or how they met, how long they've seriously been dating, whether she's into rough sex, etc yeah, who the fuck knows. This is way random, right?

Anyway, here's to the the happy random couple and the hopefully large prenup Ben takes out because me thinks this might be a bad idea. Someone is going to end up with a black eye and a bad divorce. This kind of strikes me as an upscale version of Tila Tequila/Shawn Merrimen (holla former Terp who didn't hit a lady!). It's going to end in tragic white trash fashion. Mazel tav.


  1. He is absolutely repugnant, in every sense of the word. Feel bad for the girl foolish enough to let him put a ring on it. Wonder if he's smart enough to insist on a pre-nup?

  2. Big Ben could possibly be the ugliest player in the NFL! and you are prob right about the whole he shouldn't get married thing...