Thursday, January 13, 2011

Class - It Runs in the Family

Dude, the Favres are on God's shit list these past couple of weeks. Brett's been all "it's illegal to touch girls that say no?" the past couple months, and made headlines with his dick pics to Jenn Sterger (aka Ashley Tisdale's brunette sister). Now, his sister, Brandi (if it were a Y, it would be trashy) is coming out letting the world know she's a fabulous cook!

Bitch was busted in Louisiana (shocker) in a raid on a house for Meth. She's Brett Favre's sister, and she needs to sell drugs? She'd have been better off giving an interview to Ok! and getting a 5k paycheck for like, giving an official family statement on her brother's situation. But I suppose that would require her to speak English and formulate a halfway understandable sentence, so I guess that's asking a lot. No brains.

Bitch apparently was also arrested in 1996 and 1999 for using a weapon unlawfully and shoplifting. Hey Brett, maybe instead of paying ladies for phone sex, you should throw a couple bucks to your family that's living in the styx in Gulfport. I mean, just a thought. You're fucking living the high life and your sister is robbing a 7-11 for Marlboro Reds.

God, this family is a class act. Guaranteed someone in his family is eventually busted for kiddie porn at some point. Completing the trifecta - drugs, sexual assault, and child pornography. Sounds like a Favre family Christmas card to me!

Also, I thought meth-heads were supposed to be like, gaunt and skinny? Bitch looks like she just ate one of Brett's teammates.


  1. And who are you to dare pontificate about "class?" That really takes the cake. I wonder how many of the various HPVs you've picked up over the years if not even HSV and/or God forbid HIV.

  2. When I get charged with a drug bust, then I'll concede to being classless. I may have a lot of sex and have a sense of humor about it, but I like to think I have my own bit of class. Considering I know how to have safe sex, no STD's on this girl (if you actually read the blog you'd have read that post, but I guess it's way easier to just throw meaningless insults than doing a little research). You don't have to sleep around to get an STD - you can be in a serious relationship with one person and still get one. But thanks for your concern, buddy!

    PS- Pontificate? Dude, seriously?

  3. Also, I hope you posted the exact same comment on a board about Tucker Max - because if you didn't (and I'm sure you didn't), it shows how big of a double standard you wish to perpetuate. Men don't get STDs or spread em, but women do. Men can have as much sex as they want and still have class, but women can't.

    Fuck off dude.

  4. Bad form, Anonymous. If you think this blog and its author are classless, why do you spend time (1) reading it and (2) commenting albeit under the "anonymous" title? Come on. Have some balls and at least attach your name to your nasty remarks.

  5. Anon needs to get laid..."safely" of course...

    And Favre is a class A loser. Granted, I'm a Bears fan, but still. My screensaver is a pic of him face down on the field when the Bears knocked him out. His teammates and Urlacher are all standing around staring at him like WTF. LOL!

  6. Jealousy rears its ugly head again!

    The people that talk to you like that are the ones that haven't had sex with their dead-fish wives in 10 years!

  7. serious?
    hey anonymous FUCK OFF AND DIE you 40 yr old skeevy loser! you prob work in fast food praying everyday to get that bump from mopping the floors to the fry station! AND you prob tug that tiny wiener to Stef's pictures while your mom is beating on the bedroom door and yelling "you better not be looking at porn!"
    its 2011 and women CAN fuck who they want, when they want and how they want. Then we will share those stories with whomever the fuck we want to share them with.
    stop coming here spreading your stupid hate. Stef doesn't need your shit and all of her fans (yes she's got 'em and you will never have us) wish you would just go away!