Thursday, January 13, 2011

Egotistical Bitch

I did an interview for an online site (if and when the interview will be posted, I have no idea, but I'll keep you guys in the loop). They asked some good questions and I thought I'd post some of them and my answers.

Why did you start the blog?
-Honestly, to promote the book to publishers. I felt like I had come so far by getting an agent that really believed in it, so when publishers started to shut it down, I wanted to really put it out there and show them how it could work when I wasn't trying to be all formal. So I thought the blog would be a good way to get some of the stories out there and definitely get my style as a writer out there.

What does your family think?
-Super supportive, both my mom and my sister couldn't be better. My sister and I didn't agree about it for a while, but we worked shit out and now she's cool. My mom and I have a great relationship so this stuff is nothing new. She knows me.

Will you ever name the athletes?
-No, unless in the near future they give me the okay, but I don't see that happening.

What do you think is the best story you have about an athlete?
-Define best? (Dude then asked "funniest"). My interactions with US and international soccer players have been pretty epic. I've gone to some pretty ridiculous lengths to get laid. Euro trip with a soccer player comes to mind. Stomach virus with a hockey player also comes to mind. You'll have to buy the book to get the goods, though.

What do you say to people who call you a whore or a slut?
J-ealousy is an ugly trait? I mean, no one has ever come up to me and said, point blank to my face, you're a slut. It's all anonymous bloggers who feel high and mighty posting on another blog or in my comments section. How unoriginal can you get, though? Whore and slut? Have those terms been insulting since like, 1987? Seriously. Anyone who uses them to try to "insult" someone like me has a very limited vocabulary. That shit doesn't bother me.

Who do you think has shown the biggest resistance to your ideas?
-Conservative women and conservative men. By no means am I a super lib, but sex is still such a taboo subject in America and the people who don't understand it and have limited experience with it have a serious disdain for most forms of it. If it's not missionary position with their husband of 25 years, suddenly it has "no value". They don't see the value in having the experience, in learning from it - figuring out what feels good, what doesn't, what fits, what doesn't, what turns you on, what doesn't. They think this needs to be done simply with one person. What if you get stuck with someone who DOESN'T fit? Who ISN'T sexually compatible? There's shit you can do to make sex better, but if you aren't compatible, no amount of "this feels good" or "try this" can make it so. As long as you're safe and understand the basic shit you're doing, I advocate for sex. As for guys who think i'm a whore or a slut, a lot of them have serious issues with women coming up with this shit. It's a man's world. Sex is for a man to laugh about. And when women start doing it, it puts the MAN in the spotlight - small penis, bad skills, gross body, lame dirty talk. Men are sensitive creatures, these guys don't want to be criticized. They expect women to be "classy" and, as one guy once said, "not like men". I never asked for the responsibility to be classy. I want to be able to laugh at myself, my body, and the shady things I do. And I'm not going to allow some random guy who doesn't know me say "no, you can't because I don't want women to do that". Fuck him.

Do you think women look up to you?
-Fuck, I hope not. I'm not a role model. I hope I make people laugh and think about life, but I'm not encouraging people to follow in my footsteps. I have a very unique situation and unique abilities when it comes to my job and my financial situation. What I hope more than anything is I get women to start having a better conversation about their sex lives - sex should be fun. I have been in a situation where sex was terrible and I didn't want to rock the relationship boat by admitting it. Sex should be fun and I think women are afraid to admit things they like because they sound like a "slut". Fuck off, I'm involved in this too. Guys shouldn't get all the glory. So no, I don't think women look up to me. I think women see me as approachable and fun and can relate to me which is why I have a lot of regular readers. I interact with them and give them the same advice I'd give my friends. I'm not the authority of sex or sports - but I have some experiences and I'm willing to dish.

What's your favorite thing about sex?
-Buying new underwear. Seriously, there is nothing I find more enjoyable that spending an inordinate amount of money at Victoria Secret on hot panties and then seeing the look on a guy's face when you rock 'em right before sex. I mean, the sex itself is awesome - but the build up to sex is always the best. The soccer player I tend to fool around with and I have this situation going for us....a lot of anticipation and tension. But yeah, looking hot in sexy panties is pretty fun.

What's your favorite sport?
-Baseball. If I could move into Yankee Stadium and live off of Carl's cheesesteaks I would. I really love hockey too though.

Do you want to get married or do you want to be single and free your whole life?
-Of course I want to get married. Jesus, I'd like to not be 75 chasing soccer players. But since I'm not even 25 yet, I like taking my time and having a good time. I don't see myself being an old spinster with cats. I'm, allergic. I like relationships and I like being in love - but I don't feel the need to settle just to do that.

Do you think guys will be turned off by your book or blog?
-If they are, they are. It's their loss. I'm a good girl, I have a good head on my shoulders and if they can't deal with parts of my life, that's fine. But there are lots of guys who are fine with it and I'm not going to waste any amount of time defending myself, apologizing for my life, or explaining my life to a guy in order to get him to date me. If he likes me, he'll know there's more to me than sex and sports (though, maybe not much!).

Do you have any athletes you're currently crushing on?
NICK SCHOMMER from the Tennessee Titans. Brandon Morrow. Cole Hamels. Phil Hughes. Robbie Rogers. Conor Casey. Just to name a few.

What do you say when people compare you to Tucker Max?
-Thank you, in the sense that he's a best selling author and he's smart and witty. We both kind of have no shame in saying how we feel. But I see many differences between the stories he and I write and I take a lot of value in those differences. I hope I'm half as successful as he is. He pulled it off well.


  1. I hope that in your book you address the issue of the risks involved due to your jersey chasing lifestyle. This should be addressed because as an individual who has the ability to reach mass audiences you must take into account the countless young men and women who are, or could be, influenced by your blog and novel. I'm sure your cause has an abundance of positive attributes but be careful encouraging sexual behavior that can potentially carry with it life altering consequences. Further, I have no judgement towards your behavior because I am not a moral compass, however I will say that you may want to consider the overall net utility as a result of your writing. Lastly, I wish you the best of luck in everything you do and hope that this message will be given serious thought.

  2. Say it loud say it proud girl!

    You are kicking ass and taking names! Great interview - questions and answers. Your honesty and perspective are refreshing and REAL!

    Go get 'em girl!

  3. To anonymous - I'm not a role model, nor do I advocate as being one. This is my life, my stories. Tucker Max didn't "address the issues and possible risks of his lifestyle", and that's not my prerogative either. These are funny stories that happened to me, not a "how to" book on sex. I'm not writing a medical journal - if someone is old enough to read my book, they should be old enough to address those issues on their own. I managed to get through all this shit STD and pregnancy free (knock on wood). There's no reason anyone wouldn't be able to read my book and not do the same. You want sex ed? Go back to sophomore year of high school.

  4. Further, anon - do you expect a person who writes about illegal street car racing, or NASCAR racing, to dedicate a chapter to seatbelts and safe driving techniques? It's not my place to address such shit - it doesn't match the flow of the book at all to be laughing about a guy's penis one second and thn being all serious about the herp the next. This doesn't need to be a warning just because it discusses sex.

  5. If people think they have the right to offer unsolicited advice about your book, your "lifestyle," and your purported "responsibilities" as an author, then they should at least have the courage to state their name.

  6. despite the advice at least this post was better than Anonymous Asshole who posted back on the Brandi Favre story!

    All I have to say is this:
    "write your book. not Tucker Max's book! Stef's book. The one that you can be proud of."

    That is what will make her a success commercially (bc she's already a success here and in Life).