Monday, January 17, 2011


Okay, so no one decided to e-mail me back regarding the whole ESPN thing tomorrow. As far as I'm aware, it's happening. The time we worked out was 8:40am PST, 11:40am EST. And I'm pretty sure it's for one of two stations, or both:

Yeah yeah, I know, it's not like ESPN ESPN yet, but fuck off bitches the book isn't even out yet so I'll take whatever shady knock off promotion I can get.

I don't think it will be as entertaining as the Alan Colmes show, a.) because Alan Colmes won't be interviewing me (seriously love him) and b.) it's not catering to like, the psychotic right wing fringe nuts who wear chastity belts and only have sex with Jesus. But it should be a good time regardless (pending it happens and these fuckers didn't like, randomly forget they scheduled this with me).

Anyway, take a listen on one of those websites around that time and if you don't hear me, I guess that means I'm not on but I'll keep you guys posted.

Also, tomorrow will be a short day for posting as I have 4 million errands to run in the morning then the interview then more errands and this date that has been postponed two times already. Of course we're supposed to get a "wintery mix of sleet and snow and rain" tomorrow, because God hates me and uses weather to ruin any shot I have at a normal date with a normal guy (ex laxer but still), so I have to bust out of my house early to make sure I'll be able to get a cab at Penn. Don't hate me for being social.

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  1. can't hate you for being social bitch, b/c that's where the good stories come from... lol