Friday, January 14, 2011


Ughh, the Canucks LOST tonight (fucking Luongo wasn't even in goal) and I realized why I could never cheer for the Rangers....I love New York, but Jesus Christ, Ranger fans are the most obnoxious fans of any sports team we have. They make Islander fans look good, and that's fucking difficult man.

Anyway, Volpatti played like shit - chalk it up to the fact that he went to Brown, he played like a tool. But it was still cool to see him in a Nucks uni. Ryan Kesler is just awesome, but the fact that we couldn't get a goal on a fucking 5-on-3 was PATHETIC.

Anyway, boo on that. I'm tired and cold and I'm going to drink a lot of ice tea and watch the movie "The Good Guy" - have you ever seen it? It's with the chick form Gilmore Girls and Jason Street from Friday Night Lights. If you live in New York and date asshole bankers on occassion like I do, it's a good watch. Otherwise it's pretty awful but I like chick flicks.

I'm rambling. Updates tomorrow plus a possible ESPN interview Tuesday? Alan Colmes will always be my favorite. Lame.

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